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    Speedo Gear For 4.11 Gear 700r4

    Well heres what I did,but I went from 2.72 to 3.70. I've got the yellow drive gear,bought the biggest driven gear I could get which is 45 tooth (green).Then I went to the bone yard and got an external speedo reducer, 1.25 to 1 and took it apart and reversed the gears inside to get it down to .75...
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    vacuum leak

    It could be the high idle cam is rocking up at times, since there is to tension on it with the choke wired open.
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    Hey Guys, need a little help here...please

    Tom,check the frame and check the carpeting to see if it's wet.
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    Battery -Light- Oil leak

    Chances are one of the diodes has gone out in the alt.,so you'll have to have a rebuild or a replacement,but have it tested first anyway.If you take it off,most places test for free.
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    No start problem

    beware on that 6 pin connecter,they will plug in backwards,and if you do ,you'll burn out the park/netural relay,when that happens the starter will crank as soon as the key is turned on.I learned that through the school of har knocks.
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    No start problem

    The first one was one form an implement store,Farm&Fleet, that has a very good rep. for batteries,I believe thier made by Johnson Controls,the replacement was a Champion as at the time they were out of the one I needed at f&f.
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    No start problem

    I put a new battery in,in May,6 weeks later no start,did a load test,read fine,made them do a hydrometer test,one cell had gone south.
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    Won't Blow--No A/C

    OK,just looked at mine,facing blower motor,black ground wire at 1 Oclock,purple power wire at 5 Oclock,you say the purple wire has power? If so,how many volts? Double check that ground and don't for get to threaten the car with going to the junkyard,thats what i'd do. One last thing,put your...
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    No start problem

    If I were you,just for my own piece of mind,I'd do a hydrometer check on the bat. to see if all the cells are up to snuff.
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    Won't Blow--No A/C

    Try grounding the motor to the engine with a jumper.
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    looking for an original 8 trackplayer for my 79 Vette

    Weren't those just a corperate radio? If so aren't there any late 70s gm's left in the bone yards up there.If not let me know and I'll check around here for you.
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    fuel pump

    Who out thier has changed thier 82 F.P. to the 85 or later higher presure pump and did you notice any real difference.
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    Dash Lights

    Try a new fuse anyway just to be sure.
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    Door panels

    Can't tell you on a 76, but put new ones on my 82 and all I can tell you is take your time and if you have problems walk away for a while.I wasn't overly impreesed with the made to fit carpet, console side panels or door panels.They all took a lot of triming and finesse to get them to look right.
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    Advice on starter

    Yep it's the aftermarket,put it in,in april and so far not a hitch and been driving the car everyday.The only reason I change it was that I cracked the solinoid cap ,so I looked at the brushes and was going replace them also until I got price,figure mine was 20 years old so it was only a matter...
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    My frame is JUNK what now???

    First sit back and take a deep breath and don't do anything your going to regret. Try calling this gut,he may be able to help you;Jim at 608-365-7116,also seems to me that some of the Corvette wheeler dealers magazines have ads that sell frames,although I don't know what they run for price.
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    Advice on starter

    Could be the brushs or a bad cell in the battery,I take it you had the bat. checked,did they do a load test or a check with a hydrometer (looks like a turkey baster).Always get a hydrometer check as it tells the specific gravity of each cell and can pinpoint a bad one. As starters go,I changed...
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    front console, power antenna

    Radio is probaly 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other.Are you adding a power ant. and need to power a relay,just use the hot wire to the cigerette lighter.How did you come out on blinkers and headlights?
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    air conditioning question

    Don't over tighten the fitting or you'll squish out the Orings
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    lights vacuumn

    Don,check the hoses on the headlight switch,since you've been playing under the dash you might have pulled one loose.
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