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    Jet Performance Quadrajet

    Q-Jet Why not send it to LARS for an evaluation?
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    Question: Brake Fluid

    What would be considered, in your opinion, a high-performance application? What reason should DOT 5 not be used in a strictly street and/or weekend drag strip vehicle, such as a C3?
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    Help! Corvette Noob! Need advice

    Performer intake should allow for the stock air cleaner use. I used one with stock hood and factory air cleaner set up for years, before replacing with a Performer RPM (high rise) intake. RPM intake is taller and requires a drop base air cleaner, then, unless you fabricate a setup, you loose...
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    Dispelling the Edelbrock Performer RPM "Won't Fit Myth"

    The 'Myth", as you call it, is really true! Performer RPM will NOT fit under a stock hood when using the stock air cleaner. You can attempt to use after market/modified air cleaners to get a fit, but I have not heard of anyone running stock, from the factory, components and having it fit...
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    Retailers Who's Your Favorite and Why?

    Dr. Rebuild Willcox
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    Help! I'm I getting screwed on the state inspection

    Look at the PADOT sight for inspection rules. Although, maybe, 25 year old cars don't need a tube-up-the-pipe, the visual checks still apply, unless you have Antique, Classic, etc. licence plates. I have Classic plates. No tail pipe check, no visual inspection. I do get a yearly Safety...
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    Don't forget, the amount of quench you have can determine if you have detonation. I believe ideal quench is 0.038 to 0.045. Mine has 0.041 quench with my '0' deck block.
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    Timing I have run a stock recurved HEI distributor and now run an Accel recurved distributor in my modified '76 stroker. I never cared or recorded what the initial timing was, only set it for 35* all in at about 2600 rpm. Per Lars' papers, I picked a vacuum advance unit that would give me the...
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    Help! Brake still isn't working!

    Rather than using a pressure bleeder, I use Speed Bleeders (all 6 of them) and have had excellent results. 6 Speed Bleeders are quite a bit cheaper than a power (Motive) bleeder.
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    Quaker State with zinc added.

    I have been using Valvoline VR-1 10w-30 in my stroker with a CC XE274H cam since I built it, about 5 years ago. Prior to the stroker, I used VR-1 in my 350 with a CC 268H cam. Never had a problem with either engine. VR-1 has the Z and P that my flat tappet engines require. It also has a...
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    engine combo advise

    Since the engine is out, have the block decked. I run a '0' deck blocked with a 0.040 head gasket. On my 383, static CR is 10.30, cam is a CC XE274H and I run TF aluminum 64cc heads. It runs fine on 89 octane pump gas.
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    On to the next problem: C3 rear suspension -- again really that tough?

    I am in Western PA, near the airport, and I use a local shop for my 4 wheel alignments. They also let me wander around while they are working on it and have no problem showing me the specs they get. Last alignment I got was $120 + parts. I do take in my own rear shims as they are Corvette...
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    Question: Has anyone installed Patriot Headers?

    Look under the car and see if your crossmember has 2 holes for the 2 pipes. I know that at some point the 2 holes were discontinued. My '76 still had the 2 holes but, a '74 bracket was still needed to hold the 2 pipes. What transmission is in the car? Autos have a removable crossmember.
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    '75 exhaust system

    Your '75 should have 2 holes, as does my '76. Stock exhaust, long gone, had the the Y pipe with 2 holes in the cross member.
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    Help! Electric fan thermostat placement on 76 vette small block 350

    I purchased a thermostat housing that had a provision for screwing in a temperature sender. I have a '76 with a performer RPM intake. I believe that I will purchase a Derale adjustable fan controller (#16749), as I do not like the on/off range the fixed sender has.
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    10-% Ethanol

    Anyone notice that ozone Al Gore has admitted that his efforts, to promote corn gas, was political? He also stated that the energy required to produce corn gas was just about a wash, energy wise, with straight gasoline.
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    What motor oil do you use?

    Actual ZDDP numbers for VR-1 oil are on their web site. 0.14 zinc 0.13 Phosphorus Where did you get you information regarding API SM rated oil?
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    What motor oil do you use?

    I was told, by Valvoline last year, that their VR-1 oil, even though rated as SM, still had adequate ZDDP, see their web site. Valvoline said that they cannot use the 'Star burst' label because of the ZDDP content. The last batch of VR-1 I purchased, was labeled SM but did not have the 'Star...
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    Head Gasket selection

    If it were me, I would wait until I had the heads off and then check things like how far down the hole the pistons are, and the other dimensions needed to use a static CR program. Checking dimensions yourself, is the only way to go. After you run the numbers, then you can decide on head gasket...
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    Question: Clutch Replacement

    I use a CF II with my non-stock 383. I have been happy with it, for the last 4 years. No race just street.
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