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    C7 Grandsport or Z06 Style

    Has anyone heard if the new C7 will come out of the gate with a Grandsport version (or will that be the standard offering) or will they start out with a std. Coupe and add the GS later like they did with the C6?
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    Grandsport Brake Dust

    Have a 2012 Grandsport Coupe. What is a good cure to help eliminate Brake Dust. I hope they eliminate this problem in the C7. Any ideas?
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    Wheel Size

    Does anyone have any info about the new C7 Tire and Wheel sizes? I have a 2012 GS and am thinking about a set of new Black Spider Wheels and maybe want to keep them for a new C7. Does anyone have any pics with a Supersonic Blue Gs and Black Wheels?
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    Grand Sport GrandSport with Black Spyder Wheels

    Does anyone out there have a Supersonic Blue Corvette with Black Wheels? If so, do you have any pic's?
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    New GrandSport Striping

    Does anyone know where to go to get the new Concept Corvette Full Length Striping Kit? It was on the Carlisle Blue Vette at the 2011 Show. None of the Corvette Dealers seem to be able to track it down. If you have any info, please e-mail. Thank you
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    Grand Sport New 2012 Seats

    Have a 2010 GS Coupe and thinking on trading for a new 2012 GS Coupe. Anyone out there have a new 2012 with the new seats and how are they in comparison?
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    Grand Sport Grand Sport - Brake Dust

    Have a 2010 Grand Sport. It is an awsome machine. But, have one issue, severe brake dust issue. Have only 2500 miles. What can be done about this brake dust problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue? How can you eliminate or cut down on the problem? Would love to hear your idea's.
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    C6 Splash Guards on a C5

    Has anyone installed or known someone who has put the new low profile C6 Grand Sport type molded splash guards on a C5? Did they fit with or without modification?
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    Gas Mileage

    I have an 05 Coupe with the Z51 Package. I recently installed a Air-Aid Cold Air Intake and Corsa Extreme Exhaust. Coming back from the Effingham show, highway driving around 72 MPH, using 93 Octane, Tach was around 2000 RPM, I only got 25 MPH. Is this common or is there something I should be...
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    Gas Mileage

    I have an 05 Coupe with the Z51 Package. I just put on Corsa Exhaust and kept my original "H" pipe. I also installed a Air-Aid Cold Air Intake. We just got back from the Effingham show and I only got 25 MPG. I would have thought it would have done better. I have been using 93 oc. or better gas...
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    Cold Air Intake

    I have been looking at an Airaid or a Titanium BBK for my '05'. Which is better, a Single or Dual Filter system? Does the Titanium defeat the purpose because it is metal and heats up? What are your thoughts?
  12. K

    C6 Brakes-Rotors

    Have a 2005 with Z51 package. How do you get the rust off of the rotors? How can it be prevented? Thank You
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    C6-Winter Storage - Battery

    Do you go to battery or the accessory plug-in?
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    C6-Winter Storage - Battery

    I recently bought a Sears Die-Hard Battery Charger/Maintainer. Is it suffcient enough to use the 12Volt accessory plug and plug into the lighter outlet versus the complete hook-up to the battery? Is it safe and will it maintain the battery. I have always tried to start my other Vettes I have had...
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    Winter Storage - C6

    This is my first C6 and want some tips on winter storage, especially concerning the battery. I bought a 1.5 AMP trickle charger. Is this required to stay on all the time of just go out and put on every 2-3 weeks. On the C5's I have had, I just used a battery dis-connect switch. This worked out...
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    Battery disconnect switch-C6

    I recently purchased a battery disconnect switch from MAM. When installed, will this mean that I would not be able to get into the vehicle unless I go thru the rear hatch with the key? Will I loose all memory also? I used to have a C4 & C5, they seemed to really drain the batttery. Does C6's do...
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    battery disconnect

    I recently purchased a disconnect switch from Mid-America. What is the proper installation sequence for disconnecting and reconnecting. Will it harm the on board computer system? Thanks
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    run-flat tires

    I still have not decided to go with either non-runflats or runflats. What happens to the sidewalls of the runflats after you have driven them 50 miles? Are they shot or should you take a chance on them failing in the future? Has anyone heard any stories on the new Goodyear GS-D3 non- runflats...
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    runflat versus non runflats

    I recently sold my 94 and bought a 99 coupe. I need to replace the tires. I am having a dilema as to what to purchase. I know this issue has come up before. It appears that if you have trouble with a runflat, only certain places can fix it, is that correct? What are the chances of finding a...
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    non runflats / runflats

    I know a lot has been said about this subject, is there anything new that would suggest that a non runflat is just as safe and perform well on a 99 C5? Has anyone purchased the Z06 Tire Inflation Kit and used it? Does it work just as well? From what information I have found, if you have a...
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