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    Front Suspension Upgrade

    Can we breath new life in this thread? I have a 66 big block w/F41. I'm now a lot older as is my car and I'm fed up with the harsh ride and no road clearance. I couldn't find where TLeBlanc ever said what suspension pkg his car was originally equipped with. I'm wondering how much improvement...
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    Question: 1966 Corvette (Early RPOL72 427CU 450HP at 6400RPO)

    Did GM fib about H.P.? By your noting the two RPM's it is obvious you know H.P. is simply a calculated number based on torque and rpm. So GM really didn't have to 'cheat' in arriving at the lower H.P., they just used a lower RPM on the DYNO pull to compute H.P. Wonder...Do you think they really...
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    10 Reasons not to buy a big block Corvette

    All hell, lets make it 11 reasons not to buy a big block Corvette Sure thought I could come up with one more reason but the best I can do is THERE IS NONE LEFT ? Which leaves me feeling pretty pleased I hung onto my 66 427/450 all these years. I can still look fondly at the pieces where I...
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    Another one bites the dust....

    Reporter missed on another issue. ACCIDENT, -Absolutely not !- gross misuse of the word. How about attempted murder or similar? Driver makes you just as dead as if shot by a traditional killer. These morons tend to give us all a bad image. Hopefully that was his last Vet.
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