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    Need Help

    1987 Coupe, car has not been driven much in the last ten years, it has 112,000 mi. but started regulary. Started car last week and shortly after starting, heard a metallic sound and engine shut off. Engine would not restart. Engine seems to turn over freely with no conflict, but will not...
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    Welcome speed428, :w
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    Welcome Pat, I wish I had a 69 big block. :w
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    My new Rims and Tires

    :thumb Very nice
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    Questions on buying a C5...or...New old member PNW

    Welcome Phil, I agree with jrose7004, I personally run BF Goodrich on my cars and love them. When you start looking at tires you will find a great number of them for the Vettes. One place to start looking would be the Tire Rack web site. They will give you the specs to help you.
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    New from Texas

    Let me be the first to say, :welcome it is a great site with lots of information
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    new here

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    Panel to advise Obama on carmakers

    Why didn't they create a task force when they gave money away to the banks? Could it be that they already have their greedy hands into the banks and now they're getting their hands into the auto manufactureers?
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    Question: skip shift eliminator

    There may be another alternative, but I think for the money the Skip Shift Eliminator from one of the major parts companies is your best bet. Easy to install, takes about five minutes.
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    wheel key location

    :welcome, as for a lug nut key...C5 corvettes do not have jacks or lug wrenches on board. They come with run flat tires. If you are looking for the key for wheel locks it could be anywhere in the car, usually in glove box or console. Hope this helps.
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    First Timer

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    New Member

    :welcome wish I was there and not here. 19 degrees at 1:30 in the afternoon.
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    :welcome, wish I was down there with you, its 19 degress here in Jersey at 1:30 in the afternoon. :(
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    New member in TN

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    new to action center

    Welcome Mike, I'm also the owner of an 87 two tone coupe. :m
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    Yo Yo Yo What is Going On People

    Well RichArab, let me be one of the first to say :welcome. It is a friendly place with a ton of information. :pat
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    Newbie From VA

    Let me be the first to welcome you, :welcome
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    Discontinued parts

    Great idea and the cross reference would very useful.
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    New member from Maryland

    First, :welcome and lots of luck with your new project.
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