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  1. Garand1

    Exhaust drone

    I've got 1500 miles on my 95 since I brought it home last fall and I'm going to try to mitigate some of the exhaust drone that I have. My exhaust system is OEM cats, True duals with no x or h pipe, back to Flowmaster Super 10s, and out to std rectangle tips. It drones pretty good, though it...
  2. Garand1

    VATS bypass keep VATS function

    Took the C4 to a car show a week ago and it must have really enjoyed it there because it didn't want to leave. So a fellow Club member offered to take me home and so I can grab my truck and trailer and tow it home. Turned out to be the VATS system. So here is a little work around I did and got...
  3. Garand1

    C2 and C3 Corvette Trailing Arms Rebuilt

    Thanks for the info!!
  4. Garand1

    Meguires #7 Mirror Glaze - Awesome New to me product

    Well, over the past few days I decided to clean and detail the car. It wasnt to bad, as I gave it a good washing a week or so ago after getting it out of the garage post winter. I put a couple hundred miles on it last week as we had AWESOME weather here in central Tennessee. Was beautiful and...
  5. Garand1

    Adjust gas gauge/fuel sending unit?

    My 95 stays at full for 100 miles at average. I reset my trip odo. At every fillup. So far, my actual mpg is corresponding to what my dash is displaying. I may try and pull my sending unit and try to adjust (bend) the float arm.
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