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  1. craig32

    Need some advice

    Flex fit bumpers are fine. I haven't found any aftermarket part for ANY car that firs perfect, so get something you can work with. My car already had one on the front when I got it, and I added one to the back to replace the shrinking urethane one it came with.
  2. craig32

    Help! I'm I getting screwed on the state inspection

    Russ, I don't think the exemption is for 25 year old cars, it's for cars that never had it, which I think is previous to 1974. I got classic plates for my Vette, as they had smog pumps and catylitic converters in 1981. If I would have gone with standard plates, I would have had to have all that...
  3. craig32

    Glass top's or Targa Astro Roof!

    Mike, my car had glass T-tops when I bought it, as well as carpet that was faded pink and seats that were burned black! I bought fiberglass T-tops and replaced the seats and carpet, and bought a louver for the bay window in the back. The glass tops kinda felt like a magnifying glass on your head...
  4. craig32

    Question: Looking to replace bumpers?

    Flex fit or fiberglass. Don't listen to people who say if someone hits you with urethane that it won't crack. If someone hits my car, they're fixing it no matter what!
  5. craig32

    Most desireable of each group of C's

    '59 and '69 - I don't own either but wish I did. 59 and 60 was after they changed to double headlights, but before they took the teeth out of the grille and flattened the rear. 69 because, well, a shark should have gills!! I still don't get calling them 'sharks' because the original design was...
  6. craig32

    To RARE... I am Sorry....

    OR been rolled back!
  7. craig32

    To RARE... I am Sorry....

    You're not alone, Bud! I got mine inspected last month and also had less than 50 miles on it. This includes the 5 mile trip to the inspection station, (and 5 miles home last year!) And one day this year I 'bent' the law a little and drove it to work (classic plates) when the original battery in...
  8. craig32

    Cold Hearted Sale of a C3!!!

    Tacky, for sure - but not anything too awful. The deceased could have had no life insurance and the sale of the car would pay for a funeral. The ad states 'died last night 9-25-10' so it must have been relisted. When my dad died last year, I got a paper from the funeral home to transfer 1...
  9. craig32

    seat covers from corvette america

    how do these guys compare in price? Willcox Corvette, Inc. - Parts, Restoration, Help - "When you're not the biggest, You try harder" I bought mounted seat covers from them for my 81 a few years back - couldn't beat the price, or the customer service. When I opened the box, a card fell out...
  10. craig32

    Anyone good with WCFB's?

    I just took off the air horn to set the floats and realized they were reversed. I changed them and set the drop level, put it back together and it started right up. Glad it wasn't MY mistake! Thanks for the info on the carb doctor, I'm sure I'll need him someday. :upthumbs
  11. craig32

    Anyone good with WCFB's?

    Hey all, I got a WCFB and a compatable intake for it to put on my engine when I got it back together. I had a guy rebuild the carb, but I can't seem to get any gas flowing through it. I changed the fuel pump (waste of money) and all the lines, and it still seemed like it wasn't pumping gas...
  12. craig32

    What is your "other car"

    Wow, those were happy times! Since this thread is still going, I'll update: sold the SS, wife traded the Maxx for an 09 Malibu, Dad died - I got his Lumina - sold it, sold the Harley, bought a 55 Bel Air project, still have the Vette and this -
  13. craig32

    first c3?

    try here: Used Corvettes For Sale | Corvette Trader Classifieds | Corvette for sale | Buy Sell Corvettes
  14. craig32

    Whos your Favorite Shark?

    You're not! Only difference is in the interior, seat pleats go one way in 59 and the other in 60. Also one year has two little bars above and below the Corvette script in front of the passenger's side dash. And I agree, they are the coolest! (although not 'sharks')
  15. craig32

    Whos your Favorite Shark?

    Why single out the '81? It's the same as the 80 and the 82! Who my favourite shark is would have to be Greg Norman - or the 'Land Shark' on Saturday Night Live from years ago.
  16. craig32

    Question: Is it a "Stingray" or not?????

    Honestly, I think I only had one person ask me if my Vette was a 'Stingray'. I just said 'They stopped callin em that in 76'
  17. craig32

    3 Groove Pulleys - Stumped

    Ron, I have no idea where they came from. I took a bunch of engines apart and saved some stuff and got rid of others. Probably 60's something, I had a 67 El Camino engine in my 57, and I had a 69 327 I took apart - could be from either one of those. It seems like I had a couple other cars I...
  18. craig32

    1981 build sheet photos

    My car also came from Jerry's Chevrolet in Baltimore. I had contacted them to see if they still had records, which they did not. Sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. . .
  19. craig32

    Dumb Question

    Same here. My place of employment moved closer to my house, so I'm riding a bicycle to work. So I guess I'm making it worse by breathing more. :L Mikey, trick question, right? Al Gore wouldn't send Christmas cards because they're made from trees! ;LOLOh yeah, and didn't he invent the...
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