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  1. AGVI

    Question: Replacing the alternator

    I hope you figure this out! :w
  2. AGVI

    C2 and C3 Corvette Trailing Arms Rebuilt

    Good to know. :cool!:
  3. AGVI

    Help! Body Mounts O.M.G !!!!!!

    Good job, but they looked pretty good to begin with! :happyanim:
  4. AGVI

    Question: possible upgrade paths...what do you think?

    Ramjet 502/6 speed/diff by Gary...go for it man! :thumb
  5. AGVI

    Wanted to share fresh paint photo's.

    Looks great!
  6. AGVI

    Post pictures of your C3

    :cool!: Vette man!
  7. AGVI

    News: 1981 Corvette crashes on Hwy 401 in Cambridge, Ontario

    Cambridge is about an hour west from here. What a sick feeling when that happens to your car. :ugh
  8. AGVI

    New wheels are on!

    Looks good man. :beer
  9. AGVI

    Timing Marks?

    I don't mean to hijack, I just wanted to say HI! to Lars!!! :happyanim: :beer Les
  10. AGVI

    Question: possible upgrade paths...what do you think?

    598 UltraStreet Low Deck High Performance Chevrolet Engine 775 Horsepower for 12 Grand!
  11. AGVI

    first drive of 2011

    I'm glad you had a good time, but no so glad to hear about the upcoming snowstorm. :rotfl :beer Les
  12. AGVI

    Just got done painting 1974 vette

    Looks awesome!
  13. AGVI

    Time for a new radiator for my '82...any suggestions?

    Get a Be Cool Rad and dual fan setup. You can't beat it. :upthumbs
  14. AGVI

    Whos your Favorite Shark?

  15. AGVI

    A ride around the block in my C3 LS conversion.

    Right, that's not the camera making that noise. It must be those loud bushings. ;LOL Nice vid Eddie. :thumb :beer
  16. AGVI

    I bought an L88 hood scoop

    nice...post pics when it's done.
  17. AGVI

    *Progress Pics*

    Swapped out in 2 days. Didn't have time for details.
  18. AGVI

    Question: So do you like the 15" rims or the 17" rims?

    Me too :beer If you're going to go to 17" wheels you should consider another style other than the ones in your photochop. :thumb
  19. AGVI

    *Progress Pics*

    That's cool man. :thumb :beer
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