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  1. Schrade

    Fuel pump issue

    Good work with mm; most can't do much more than point n click for repairs nowadays (or blindly 'plug n Pray, with a new part). MM is SECOND most important tool for EFI / TPI car. FIRSTmost is FSM factory shop manual, NOT Haynes / Chilton's......... edit: If you're testing the fuel pump OUT OF...
  2. Schrade

    Custom Glasstop (snappics)...

    Some videos uploaded here: Pt 1 assembly Pt 2 assembly
  3. Schrade

    '90 Climate control & horn intermittent -- Please help.

    Ends 4:45 EDST TODAY!!! GET IT.
  4. Schrade

    '90 Climate control & horn intermittent -- Please help.

    FSM is a NECESSITY. Get RED 2 book set off of eBay, and learn to navigate it. Even if you can't FIX the problem, you can understand the problem, and know when the dealer (or ANY wrench), is taking a fi$hing expedition with your wallet, doing 'new part' Plug N PRay diagnostics I can check my '90...
  5. Schrade

    '90 Climate control & horn intermittent -- Please help.

    Have you checked for DTC H History codes? Some H codes will not light up SES light. Know the paper clip trick for codes? Do you have FSM Factory Shop Manual? I have '90 FSM to check, but check for H codes first... Welcome onto the boards there.
  6. Schrade

    Help! L98 intake gasket re-install questions

    Bolts? ANYthing but dry. Jaguar used to buy new Ford auto trannys, and re-build them RIGHT to install in Jags. In the end, it's personal preference tho'... And good for you workin' with your son :thumb When I did L98, and LT1, and LT5, I used a LIGHT film of grease on gaskets. Some say to not...
  7. Schrade

    Hi! from James W Cave from Texas

    Tuna does have a good point on the VATS by-pass (as opposed to cutting of course)... You really do need FSM however. Not fun navigating it, but it's how to build the car from scratch. Literally..............
  8. Schrade

    Hi! from James W Cave from Texas

    C'mon guys; 46 views and only 1 Welcome... --------------------------------- If you're restoring it there JWC, maybe don't disable / by-pass it - rather make it correct. Do you have FSM factory shop manual for the car? NOTHING finer than a CORRECT, FINELY TUNED old car - ESPECIALLY a C4...
  9. Schrade

    Question: Who's swapped a 4 or 6 speed auto into a1996 LT4?

    I put an automatic in my Z. Tachs 2,200 @ 70; I'm gonna' go with a 3.07 soon here (from 3.45)...
  10. Schrade

    Erratic Idle

    Kinda' confused here about A/C on or off, fans 1' and 2', and taking a drive, etc., ... (but I'm always confused) You had a code 43; which module? There's a diagnostic flow chart for codes which will show the problem in a few minutes. Seems like your fishing in pond 'B', when the fisherman are...
  11. Schrade

    Sorry Guys,I ain't been around much.....................................

    Brewin' up some lead, huh Jesse? :thumb Remember the burn test; Blue = down the gullet, Yellow = in the vette tank (and shave the heads for a tighter squeeze)! I got lit up by some Yellow Jacket wasps back in July. You never saw a cripple hobble so fast as I did - and in a straight line, no...
  12. Schrade

    1989 wont start - covered all the bases

    What's up Jesse! Where ya' been here? You see that top end job + paint that I did on the LT5? (bout 300 snappics in that thread) OP - 45 psi? Was that static pressure / motor off, or dynamic / idling pressure? How about pressure leakdown time static test?
  13. Schrade

    Erratic Idle

    Good call on the MAF BD... But since he has a DTC (43), the tap test won't work for him.
  14. Schrade

    Erratic Idle

    Welcome onto the boards there. Loping idle (Closed Loop, WARM MOTOR) NORMALLY would indicate a vacuum leak But not a lope up to 1,400 rpm's. Mods, like cold air intake, with some problem is NEVER the thing to do. Replacing parts, like IAC, with some problem, is NEVER the thing to do. If...
  15. Schrade

    Question: Difference between Dana 36 & Dana 44

    Dana 35 is lighter; I think it's not quite as strong, although they'll still handle 340+ torque pretty well, like from L98, even with some HP mods. I think 35's will let the axle leave the pumpkin if you have breakage, whereas the 44's won't leave the pumpkin, unless there's catastrophic...
  16. Schrade

    Help! My 1994 C4 Corvette needs HELP!!

    Small claims. Depending on what's on the service order ... ?
  17. Schrade


    Why did you replace the water pump? Sounds like you might have gotten coolant in the Opti, Sounds also like a block in the line at the reservoir. Did it have GM Red Dex-Cool in it?
  18. Schrade

    Question: 1985 Corvette

    Welcome onto the boards there. 228 is the normal 'Fan ON' temp. Does it take temps back down in a few minutes? Such as when sitting in the garage idling? Have you checked the radiator housing bottom, for road debris? A lot of jam does collect there. If it runs for very long, without bringing...
  19. Schrade

    Help! My 1994 C4 Corvette needs HELP!!

    Did you get your money back for the Opti, and fuel filter, and spark plugs, and wires, and injectors, and all the other stuff that was good to begin with? And did you get the original parts back that were good? What tests did they show you that showed that those parts were 'bad'? I'd START...
  20. Schrade

    Custom Glasstop (snappics)...

    Got a Photo-Chop working here. THis could face inside a painted top, or inside AND outside on a removable screen on Glasstop. And you can do this yourself without my stuff; head for the local fabric shop. AND, I think you could put this OVER a good painted roof headliner. Working on that now.
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