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  1. J Koehler

    Question: c-5 computer set-up

    I bought a 2001 recently with 30K on the clock. The previous owner installed a complete Breathless air induction system, BK headers, and the complete corsa exhaust system with the cross over. Since I purchased the car from a dealer, he was not sure if the computer was set up for all of the...
  2. J Koehler

    Question: 69 Ignition Buzzer

    How does the key operate the buzzer. The buzzer always works when the door is open whether the key is in or out. I used to be able to shake the key and it would stop. How do I repair it? Is it normal to stick? Thanks for your help..
  3. J Koehler

    Help! Replacing the rear body mounts on 1976 Corvette Stingray

    I have attached a picture of the frame. the support to the right on the frame is the one you are talking about. The rubber support sits on top of it. Why are you only changing the back ones. If the body is saging becareful it could be the frame. I found this out the hard way. That is...
  4. J Koehler

    Help! Replacing the rear body mounts on 1976 Corvette Stingray

    Remove the bolts from the bottom of the frame and pull the cushion and the spacers out. Count the spacers as you will to replace with the same number. There is a nut in side the care that is held in place with a nut holder. spray it it with nut loosener an work the bolt back and forth slowly...
  5. J Koehler

    Help! 69 Door latches

    Having trouble with the door latches on a 69. The latches were pulled off by painter and now I'm putting them back on. When ever I tighten the latches to the door, the door locks will freeze in the locked position. If I loosen the screws that hold the latch on the lock the latch will work and...
  6. J Koehler

    Possible Speedometer Problem

    I agree, but if the cable is not spinning there has to be some breakage/slipage somewhere since the system is straight mechanical.
  7. J Koehler

    38 yr old Seats

    Al Knock does them to spec if your into originality. About $600 for foam and covers.
  8. J Koehler

    Possible Speedometer Problem

    No adjustment of the speedo is reqired
  9. J Koehler

    Possible Speedometer Problem

    The new cable should solve your problem. make sure to use very light lubricant on the cable. some use graphite. There could be other problems like a worn plastic gear in the transmision. A worn plastic gear is easy to replace you just need to get the right number of teeth on the gear. To...
  10. J Koehler

    Question: 69 body louvers

    Thanks for the help.
  11. J Koehler

    Question: 69 body louvers

    My question is on the louvers of a 69 vett. I am looking for someone that has a 69 that has not been repainted. The question is in regard to the nonfuncional louver closest to the doors. What is the color inside the louver? When you look inside you see a some solid looking structure. Is it...
  12. J Koehler

    63 windshield trim

    Is the window trim on a 63 stainless or chrome finished? My friend has a 63 and some one covered the trim with a chrome finish. Is this corect?
  13. J Koehler

    63 corvette windshield trim

    Is the window trim on a 63 stainless or chrome finished
  14. J Koehler

    Question: Kick plate covers

    I have a 69. Does anyone know what the correct finish is on the back plastic kick plate covers should be? Glossy, semi-gloss, or a flat finish. Thanks for your help.
  15. J Koehler

    starting issue -mystery

    After you get the starter fixed. check to see that you have spark. This can be done with a timing light or ...... Be carefull..... Pull a plug out and ground the out side of the plug to ground and obsurve if there is spark across the electrode. You will need to turn the engine over to obsurve...
  16. J Koehler

    Question: Alternator temp

    I have a 69 and just got it running after 28 years of storage. I have rebuilt every thing except the alternator. I have had the motor running only a few times. After the motor has been running I touched the alternator and find it very hot to the touch. The motor has run may be 5-10 minutes...
  17. J Koehler

    Help! Carb Problems/ Hot Slot Manifold

    The holes that I plug are in the manifold hot slot?
  18. J Koehler

    Help! Carb Problems/ Hot Slot Manifold

    I have 69 with a 350/350 HP. The motor has just been rebuilt and I am having a problems with slight missing problems. I have done the following 1. Reset the timing to 8 BTD Center 2. Readjusted the lifters to 1 turn after snug 3. set the dwell to 30 degrees 4. rechecked the firing order 5...
  19. J Koehler

    Help with 69 distributor

    Thanks I will take it apart and repack the well.
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