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  1. KANE

    Modified 1982 Corvette

    Updated list of mods and a video... http://youtube.com/channel/UCM1jlANZ4hie2BrkmNBPxqQ
  2. KANE

    Post up your best 0-60MPH times

    Thought this would be a fun thread. What's your best 0-60mph time in your C3? I managed to get mine into the mid 4s on a 93 degree day in June. Data logging started when the TPS went to 100%. This is from an excel dump file from my laptop. No load on the torque converter - it was a true dead...
  3. KANE

    Help! 1982 corvette keep stalling

    That engine is basically an L82... your L83 had a cam that was .410" / .423" (if I recall) where your new engine has a .450" / .460" cam. Basically... your OEM ECM (and chip) is NOT going to give that engine what it needs for a VE table. Hypertech and others won't do either because their VE...
  4. KANE


    On a stock motor... with the OE heads, cam, and ECM calibration... the Renegade won't do much. On a modified motor, it works great as long as the cam, heads, fuel system, and ECM have been selected so they ALL work together. It's not as easy as "swap an intake - uncork 100s of HP..." It has...
  5. KANE

    4.7 Second Crossfire 1982 Corvette

    I haven't posted about my 82 in a while. This car has been in my family since the 1980s. It was my father's and he taught me how to drive... with it! I have so many memories of riding around with him in that car. When I was a teenager, he let me take it to a few school dances, on a few dates...
  6. KANE

    Crossfire injection problems

    Have you replaced the coolant sensor? The coolant sensor (front of the intake) is used by the ECM to assist it in determining air mass and density. You’d need to connect it to an OBD 1 scanner and see if the coolant temp is reading correctly and giving the right signal to the ECM.
  7. KANE

    Crossfire injection problems

    Hi there! So... let’s start with the basics. Are there any codes?
  8. KANE

    Modified ‘82 Vette walk around

    Thought I would share a walk around of my ‘82. YouTube Yes, it’s a crossfire. Well... sort of. But not really. There’s not much left of the OE system anymore actually. But that’s okay. The car has been in my family for 30 years, so between my dad and I, we’ve tried to keep it looking...
  9. KANE

    Update on the mod list...

    Current list of mods on the 82... OE TBI units bored out to 52mm running in parallel port fueling configuration Renegade Intake (aftermarket cross ram) 90lb injectors Aeromotive Variable Fuel Pressure Regulator (25psi at idle / 28psi at WOT) Davis Unified Ignition distributor, coil, and...
  10. KANE

    '82 Corvette ECM 1225550 swap to '84 Corvette ECM 1226430

    Wow!! I swapped to an 84 ECM how long ago now!!?! In ‘14, I upgraded to Dynamic EFI’s EBL and moved up to a truly flexible ECM when it comes to tuning. Back to the 84 ECM, yes, you’ll need the right chip and ECM for the transmission you have.
  11. KANE

    Upgrading ECS module on 85-89 L98?

    Old thread... but a good one of you have an 82 or an 84. Yes, you can absolutely swap in an 85 - 89 knock sensor. however... you will need the matching ESC that goes with it. Otherwise, you will get false knocks. It took a lot of data logging to figure out it was false knock, but the best I can...
  12. KANE

    The Corvette Action Center Suffers a Loss

    I think about him often- and, in fact was just thinking about a conversation he and I had a long while back. So many things he said are little phrases that I find myself remembering and smiling about.
  13. KANE

    I just sold my Subaru Sti!

    :thumb I know the feeling... :v My son always asks me why I like "old" cars. His definition is any car that isn't within 3-4 years old. He's quick to point out how wonderful the newer cars are and he was shocked to learn that I could shoehorn a late model LSx motor into the '82 and get...
  14. KANE

    Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Question

    Fuel pressure is in part a function of the overall output of the pump itself. :thumb The OEM TBI pumps will crank out between 12 -15 PSI max. If you find you need more because of mods, you will need to go to a higher flowing fuel pump, like the 85 & up TPI cars had. I have about 20psi on my...
  15. KANE

    28 years of the '82...

    I was 13 when my dad purchased the '82 Vette. It's been in my family continuously for 28 and a half years. It was on my birthday and I'll never forget how excited he was and that he wanted me to come outside and see the car. We had spent about 2 years looking for Vettes and he finally found...
  16. KANE

    '82 Crossfire with 700R4 tranny question

    Before I added the bigger can and changed the power and, the factory shift points were just fine and I drove it around in third until I was habitually over 45 or 50 miles an hour. Even now on a 3.73, I still find that I use drive a lot more than overdrive. The most important thing to do is...
  17. KANE

    1982 Corvette

    Congrats!!! :thumb
  18. KANE

    My Modified '82

    I'm not really sure which one would outflow the others. If I had to guess... Xram and Renegade would be more comparable (not sure which is over which) and ported factory would come in third. That's a wild guess though. I haven't seen conclusive data with all three head to head.
  19. KANE

    3 wire O2 sensor harness review

    I purchased this wiring harness adapter so that I could upgrade to a heated O2 sensor... passing along if anyone wants or needs to do this conversion. :thumb Access Denied Overall, I am very impressed with it! Construction was great and has ample length for the accessory-on position lead wire...
  20. KANE

    1982 Corvette

    Congrats on the future purchase!! :thumb Yes, look for rust around the bird cage like mentioned in previous posts. Check tire wear front and back (alignment)... all the lights should work... wipers... make sure it starts from cold and runs well... shifts well from gear to gear... and make...
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