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  1. cor66vette

    Chevrolet to Roll Out Order Tracking System for Corvette Customers!

    I never received a single email notification from GM for my order. I verified with the selling dealer that my email address was included on the submitted paperwork. No biggie because any info I ever asked for about the car's event code / status was usually outdated, or plain out wrong, so no...
  2. cor66vette

    Question: Will there be a need for dealers to start a 2023 STINGRAY list ?

    Funny how when time passes our questions are answered in real life. So, to answer my question, and to agree with you, @Bizbiz911, yes- lists are with us for a while.
  3. cor66vette

    C8 I made with tinted carbon fiber and sparkling car paint.

    Maybe it's me, but what am I looking at?
  4. cor66vette

    Corvette Price Gouging: GM North America President Puts Dealers on Notice

    I am on the wait for a 2022 (should be soon as I'm #57 as of Jan 17th 2022) and on the Z06 list (I hope I'm alive when my number comes up ... lol). This news from the GM pres is good to hear, although by having my deposit(s) with one of the best Corvette dealers, the idea of falling victim to...
  5. cor66vette

    C8 - FREE- (1st Oil Change) Includes FREE- (DCT Filter Change)

    Thanks for posting that info. Why did you have the oil (presume filter also) changed @ 1500 miles, and not wait to have that and the DCT filter changed at the same time?
  6. cor66vette

    Question: Will there be a need for dealers to start a 2023 STINGRAY list ?

    I heard an interesting thought about lists for future, or at least for 2023 Corvettes, that being, with over 30k 2022 planned to be built, will there even be a need for a list for '23s? It was further suggested that '23s might even be offered with discounts. What do you guys think about this?
  7. cor66vette

    Flagler County Corvette Club All Corvette Car Show October 10th 2021 *Palm Coast, FL*

    Start: October 10, 2021 8:00 am End: October 10, 2021 3:00 pm Venue: Central Park Address: 975 Central Ave., Palm Coast, Florida 32164 Categories: Northeast Florida, Sunday Registration Fee: $35 Phone: (727) 455-5969 Email: premiumcarshows@verizon.net Website: http://premiumcarshows.com Hosted...
  8. cor66vette

    You're Never Too Old to Own and Enjoy a Corvette!

    I love hearing and reading stories about old people driving and enjoying Corvettes or other sports cars, or cars in general, for that matter. Maybe because I'm one of the old people
  9. cor66vette

    Second Delivery - 2017 Corvette Grand Sports - With Sterling Blue Metallic!

    Love that Sterling Blue. I will be lookin' good behind the wheel of one (hopefully) soon. :lou
  10. cor66vette

    From FL

    Hopefully, but not probably. I hear not before August 1st. But I hear a lot of things. Okay, now stay awake ... One of my favorite pics of the '66 And this will always be my favorite '66 in its current state going through a frame-off My '75 My '61 and me back then I feel the...
  11. cor66vette

    Help! Rear can't get aligned 1975

    Wow, a lot of good advice here, thanks a lot guys. I may have described the situation without good detail. Yes, you are correct, Tom. I believe the alignment guy had a problem getting the bolts loosened. I'm in the process of replacing the tie rod ends and idler arm (unrelated PM) and I'll...
  12. cor66vette

    Help! Rear can't get aligned 1975

    There is a current thread about DIY aligning a C3, and one post mentioned the rear alignment. Instead of adding to that thread, I thought to seek some advice here, in a new thread, regarding the issue I'm having with the rear in my '75. When I went for an alignment I was able to get the front...
  13. cor66vette

    2017 Grand Sport purchasing question

    Thanks. That is what I can't seem to get a handle on. Some dealers have quoted dollar amounts off MSRP, but how can I compare that to a supplier discount if the amount of supplier discount is not known? Which is a better discount?
  14. cor66vette

    2017 Grand Sport purchasing question

    Good morning. Any idea when/if GM will offer "supplier" discounts on the '17 GS, and the amount of the discount? Thank you
  15. cor66vette

    From FL

    Thanks for the welcome. @ Bill- To answer your questions: I ordered a Sterling Blue Metallic - M7 - GS Coupe - 2lt - Gray interior. :happyanim: I know, the jury's out with a lot of guys regarding the Sterling Blue, but what that color does for the body lines and curves and contour of the...
  16. cor66vette

    From FL

    Please allow me to relay a "funny" story as my intro post to the forum, but please keep the ridicule to a minimum, or at least clean, and not too insulting. :r I joined this forum in 2013 and lost all recollection that I joined. Today, I was searching the googlenet and came across this forum...
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