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  1. 1BAD80

    Code P1431, Gas Gauge going to Empty, Low Fuel Light coming On, after 70 miles after Fill Up

    My 2003 C-5 has 2 tanks 2 pumps & 2 float assembly's , there is a cross over tube tank to tank Hib Halverson has some good tech tips also GM Parts had only one side pump/float in stock cost near $1K for it no other stock available in the future
  2. 1BAD80

    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    There are a few after-market manufactures that make the replacement float/pump plus it looks like the prices dropped a little since I looked Carid is one of them https://www.carid.com/2003-chevy-corvette-fuel-pumps/
  3. 1BAD80

    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    I hate to say GM Parts only had the left side float/pump the right side is no longer in stock and if you find one get Try adding 2 bottles in low tanks to allow for mixture to get into both tanks Mine lasted 1 year and started to stick again so I just added 2 bottles as it will sit over the...
  4. 1BAD80

    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    copied from How the C5 fuel tank system works... C5 Corvette has two fuel tanks, left and right hand. The left hand tank contains the electric fuel pump that supplies fuel to the engine. The right hand tank has a pump, which transfers fuel from the right tank to the left tank. The pump in the...
  5. 1BAD80

    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    I had the same problem on my 03 Chevron gas has the chemical in their gas or use 2 cans Textron (Made by Chevron) to start with gauges started to work after 1/2 tank only one other gas manufacture has it in their gas I think it was Shell , got Textron from O'rileys next thing to go mite be...
  6. 1BAD80

    Control Arm bracket weld broke!!!

    I agree with Tom I was going to recommend the same thing Get it done correctly or pay for it in the end
  7. 1BAD80

    Question: Digital replacement dash

    Very easy to change, look at the different vendors and choose what would look good in your car they come in different colors
  8. 1BAD80

    Help! 69 Overheating - Big Block

    I would put in a 185* thermostat, the coolant needs to sit in the block longer to pull off the heat, also get some good aluminum duck tape and seal off all the front end /motor compartment. Royal Purple Ice coolant additive will help. I painted over with black paint, made big difference with...
  9. 1BAD80

    The Corvette Action Center Suffers a Loss

    So sorry to hear of Buds passing. May he rest in peace.
  10. 1BAD80

    Blue, Bronze, Smoked T-tops w/ White 81??

    I know this is an old post but my "T" top just got broken, here is a place that has all the differant styles, Manufacturer of Corvette glass t-tops & transparent roofs GM licensed
  11. 1BAD80

    I put on the larger yokes for 1350 U-joints.

    I put on the larger yokes for 1350 U-joints.
  12. 1BAD80

    Happy Holidays from the Corvette Action Center!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from Lapeer Michigan :beer
  13. 1BAD80

    Pulling Codes on a C5

    Here is a site with all the codes. http://www.stengel.net/diccodes.htm Forgot to say you can print everything out to save for future reference.
  14. 1BAD80

    FS: Vinci handheld programmer

    Payment sent, Thanks :D
  15. 1BAD80

    FS: Vinci handheld programmer

    Please read PM, sold. :beer
  16. 1BAD80

    Vbp Performance Plus System For C3

    Good work on the speed of the job. On the setting of the stiffness on the bolt hole I have mine on the second hole going outboard from the inside and the spring set high for a firm yet soft ride, soft bounce if to soft. Handles real great, hope this may help you out on the first settings before...
  17. 1BAD80

    Vbp Performance Plus System For C3

    I just had the system put on a few months ago, what a differance in the ride. They say from VP&B it takes about 3 hours for the front end (it was) With alignment I paid $285 for everything, front & rear. BUT I had it at my friends shop and he only had his mechanic work on it when he was slow. I...
  18. 1BAD80

    Poly Engine Mounts

    Quote: nor is there an improvement in the car's handling from installing polyurethane powertrain mounts. Iif you decide to install them, understand that there will be an increase in noise and vibration from the engine to the chassis and then to the interior. I guess I should establish...
  19. 1BAD80

    Bowling Green loooong tour closure!!

    Here is the reason the plant tours are cancled. The Cadillac XLRs will be built in the Plant along side of the Vette, the plant is under construction along with training the operator's on assembly of the new car and updates on the new Vette. FOR RELEASE: September 30, 2003 Limited Edition...
  20. 1BAD80

    Poly Engine Mounts

    IM talking about a regular Vette with more than average HP. Urethane is the only way to go an any type of car or truck. To Mr. Hib Halverson I was explaining what I had to USE ON MY CAR for motor mounts. I have a little more than average horse power with a small block 427 motor, there is not...
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