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  1. Wayback

    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    Welcome ! & I Enjoyed your video.
  2. Wayback

    Where are they?

    Just had mine out last week & Paid $4.40 for premium I turned 69 in July.Havent seen any other vettes on the road in awhile.
  3. Wayback

    Haven't owned a Corvette since '75

    Another WELCOME !
  4. Wayback

    Motorala C4

    The super-secret story behind the world's only electric Motorola Corvette
  5. Wayback

    Hello CAC!

    Another WELCOME !
  6. Wayback

    Bad advertising slogans and puns

    Woman actually poop. The commercial really bugs the wife/llol !
  7. Wayback

    Back in the saddle again....

    Another WELCOME !
  8. Wayback

    New to Corvetts

    Another WELCOME !
  9. Wayback

    Fng here not new to Corvettes

    Another WELCOME !
  10. Wayback

    Good Morning all...

    Another WELCOME !
  11. Wayback


    Another WELCOME !
  12. Wayback

    Been a while since I logged in...

    I answered ones older.
  13. Wayback

    New owner 1997 C5 Sebring silver manual

    Another WELCOME !
  14. Wayback

    hi all

    Another WELCOME !
  15. Wayback

    New member

    Another WELCOME !
  16. Wayback

    New to corvettes and Forums

    Another Welcome !
  17. Wayback

    New Member

    Another WELCOME !
  18. Wayback

    Help! C4 General

    https://tech.corvettecentral.com/2011/01/c4-diagnostic-trouble-codes/ You can try jumping the on board diagnosis connector.
  19. Wayback


    Another Welcome !
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