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    What Color Choice If You Ordered a 2005 C6?

    No electron blue? i guess i would take the blue they have available.
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    Corvette Museum Gets $1M Closer To Addition

    I always wanted to visit the museum. i think I will do just that soon.
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    How to clean a car while on the road.

    I would certainly leave my car dirty rather than run it though one of those automatic car washers.
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    Preserving a car to be a Survivor...

    i have also wondered this. i'll lurk.
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    Z06 Spy Photo Camera Thread!!!!!!!

    Nice Photos. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at everyone's photos in here. It is a very nice thread.
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    Dealer dropped my C5 off lift -- need advice

    I would have thought that when I came back Dave would be talking about a new vette he was given by the dealership for his troubles. It appears to me this hasn't happened, nor is it going to happen. It is such a shame that General Motors has not stepped in or that this dealership won't do...
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    Z06 Spy Photo Camera Thread!!!!!!!

    Excellent thread. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. I ordered a camera and hope to get some photos soon.
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    Dealer dropped my C5 off lift -- need advice

    Barnetdh, Hola senor. I spent a lot of time reading this thread an I am sorry to hear about what happened to your 1997 Corvette. If I were in your shoes I would be so mad. I have lots to say, but it wouldn't be nice. Maybe, I can say it in Spanish and nobody would get in trouble. :) I hope you...
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    Roadfrog Revealed!!!

    Cute. Where can I purchase my own little Roadfrog?
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    C5 Recall

    Oh boy, another recall? I hope not.
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    Got my plate today!! :)

    Awesome! I like it.
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    Chrome rims, weights and balance

    How $$$$ for chrome rims on a Z06?
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    Chrome rims, weights and balance

    Ummmm-What the heck happened here? Someone please explain this one! Por favor! Gracias.
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    New web site

    I like the site.
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    Verdict on Theblackvette

    Um, April fools was at the beginning of this month, not at the end! :L Blackvette-have you drugged the moderators? If so can you send me some? Thanks.
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    Cags Eliminator Roll Call!!!!!!!!!

    I do not have it but I am thinking about doing it! Cost?
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    Warming Up Message-Should i be concerned?

    Looks normal to me! I get those messages now and then.
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    My Z06 Nightmare!

    My goodness gracious! Those are some really bad wrecks! Thank goodness my color is not the most wrecked Z06! Tough luck for the black ones.
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    Hello, new member here.

    Hey I've seen ya before pk2401. It is nice to see people you know. Have a cigar, my treat.
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    Haven't put in a CAGS eliminator. I heard of it. But the way I drive I usually don't encounter that little annoying light when I have to shift. I could imagine in traffic it would be a pain in the butt.
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