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    2006 Corvette for sale 12,000 miles

    6 speed paddle shift auto trans Z51 performance package chromed aluminum wheels OnStar 6 way power leather heated sport bucket seats (both) heads-up display universal home remote auto dimming ISVR mirror w/compass RDS AM/FM stereo w/6-disc in dash w/MP3 playback Bose premium 7 speaker system XM...
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    High Flow CATS investment?

    i bought a spare set of cats on ebay for $100.00, cut a 3" hole in the side and cleaned them out. i use them when i race and i don't notice an appreciable difference in performance or noise. the stock cats work good, there certanily isn't enough HP gain to justify the expense of the cats plus...
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    Exhaust question

    wx....its really not that loud in the 170-180- range
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    Exhaust question

    The B & B 3" cat back produces the most HP and the most noise. If racing is your objective then go for it. However, at 1500-1900 RPM in 5th gear you can't carry on a conversation. The resonance is so bad you can’t here the radio or anything else. at 5700 RPM in 5th they sound great. I just sold...
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    LT4 LT4 supercharger?

    yes N2O works...there is a "dry" system available. it does not require additional fuel source. the additional fuel is available from your own injectors
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    LT4 LT4 vs GS (mostly a discussion of brakes)

    Jeffvette...In case u haven't tried it the GS brakes work just fine from 180.
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    Small Block vs. Big Block

    larger displacement engines will generate more HP. they also weigh more, which may not be the best choice for a specific application. drag racing a bb will win everything else being equal. for autox a sb with fewer horses would give better balance and better times
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    ZR - 1 vs LT 4

    i own a GS (427) with the LT4...the ZR-1 is faster...0-60, 0-100, 0-150, 0-180. it has a more sophisticated engine, capable of much more HP than the LT-4. the only concern about the ZR-1 is parts availability. my understanding is that GM can no longer provide items such as a water pump.
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    Corsa Exhaust: Quiet at cruise?

    http://www.bbtriflo.com/ B & B is Billy boat...the IRL driver
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    Corsa Exhaust: Quiet at cruise?

    Michael...I said they were too loud before i gutted the cats...they are even louder now. my sole interest is in HP and I think they produce more. they also produce lots of noise
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    Top Speed Run tonight finally done!

    my 96 feels light over 140. i have had it over 150 numerious times but just aim it where you want it to go adn it stays steady. in may of 2001 i averaged 155 for 90 miles and the car worked fine. corvettes are really a remarkable vehicle.
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    Is the BFGoodrich KDW really that loud?

    i have the kd's and am very pleased with them. they grip and hold together at high speed (the tires are "Y" rated). i wouldn't recommend them on wet surfaces tho.
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    Exhaust question....

    my understanding is because the LT4 has a closed loop system the cpu expects changes in thefile exhaust gasesa that are provided by the cats...if the gas is the same it creats inaccurate information for the A/F ratios. if this is not accruate someone speak up
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    O2 Pitfalls Of Aftermarket Exhaust on '94 and '96 Cars

    if you leave the cats alone just bolt on the exhaust and do nothing else. if you remove the cats or gut them you need to install O2 simulators. these simulators tell the chip the exhaust is cleaner comming out of the cat alnd all is OK. my O2 simulators costs less than $100.00
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    Exhaust question....

    i have a 3" B & B cat back. i also bought some used cats on ebay and gutted them (don't cut the into pipe just open a 4" square hole in the cat, it will eliminate alignment problems). O2 simulators are needed or performance will be worse than stock. i have not really noticed a marked improvment...
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    3.45 to 4.11?

    lt4-gs ... life may begain at 180, but ur not getting it with a 4.56 or 4.11 skant 6200 RPM with 4.11 would give you a 168 MPH top end which under normal circumstances should be plenty. 70 MPH in 6th is at approxmately 1900 RPM which provides good fuel economy.
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    Corsa Exhaust: Quiet at cruise?

    i got a 3" cat-back from B & B. really loud 1600rpm-2000rpm. it was too loud before i gutted the cats. power effects exhaust seems to be the consensus for most on a dyno and reasonable sound. the B & B generates the most HP and the most noise
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    BFG g-Force KD...rated to 186 MPH and excellent adhesion..and who cares how much they cost, its the cheapest thing about the Corvette by the way chevyaddict when you get tired of old chevy technology try a new ford lightning.
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    the BFG g-force KD is "Y" rated and a soft compound. I have run 3 SSCC on mine at high speeds and they worked great. I would not use them on wet pavement
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    LT4 Performance Cam for the '96 LT4 engine

    price I ask and this is the reply The asking price for the Grandsport is $20,000.00. I will take any reasonably close offers to my boss for him to reveiw. If I can be of further assistance please let me know. Thank You, Karie
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