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    1979 L48 Quadrajet rebuild

    Thanks Peter, that's what I'm going to do. I want to do it right the first time. I received his book on rebuilding the Quadrajet for Christmas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1979 L48 Quadrajet rebuild

    I'm looking to rebuild the Quadrajet carb on my 1979 L48. I see so many places to buy the rebuild kits and the prices range from $27 to $75. I want to do this right the first time with a quality kit. Where can I find a rebuild kit that has quality parts? The carb has 60K miles. Will the new...
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    Engine misfire? - multiple cylinders not firing?

    The engine ran normally after the spark plug replacement. I have noticed that the car had no acceleration when entering the highway from the on ramp. The car did sit a while in the previous owners garage. I was planning on rebuilding the quadrajet anyway due to the length of time the car was...
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    Engine misfire? - multiple cylinders not firing?

    I just replaced the plugs.
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    Engine misfire? - multiple cylinders not firing?

    Hello Forum members I have an interesting problem that I hope isn't serious. I have a 1979 L48 with just over 60k miles. When I bought the car, about 500 miles ago, the car would spit carbon out the exhaust pipes at initial start up. I changed the plugs to the correct heat range, AC Delco...
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    Quadrajet rebuild necessary???

    I have a 1979 Corvette L48 with a 350 engine. The spark plugs are "sooty" and black carbon shoots out the tail pipes at initial start up. I know this is caused by the fuel mixture being too rich. I calculated that the car only gets 8 mpg with "very conservative driving". I don't do quick...
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    trailer hitch on a Corvette?

    I removed the factory trailer hitch from my 79 when I bought it about a year ago. The trailer hitch is sitting in the corner collecting dust, not the car!
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    1979 350 rear main seal question

    Thanks Frank and Hib, I was planning on replacing the valve cover gaskets anyway. That's my weekend project, among other fixes.
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    1979 350 rear main seal question

    I have a 1979 with a 350 engine and automatic transmission. The car has just under 60,000 miles. I bought the car in November of 2013 and noticed that there is a small amount (3 - 5 drops) of oil under the car after driving. I understand that the 350 engine is notorious for rear main seal leaks...
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    Help! 79 power window problem

    Took the vette out today to a car show and everything was great. After the show we went out for dinner so I put in the tops and closed the windows. When we finished dinner about an hour later I started the car and powered the windows to go down. The drivers side window went all the way down as...
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    AC Compressor fried?????

    Hello Forum Members, I have a '79 L48 Vette and I might have a big problem. I took my car to get detailed at a local detailer two weeks ago. I had them clean the engine so that it would be clean for the new year. My AC was working great before I took the car in but now when I turn on my AC...
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