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    Question: Quick Fuel carburetors

    has anyone used these carburetors on your car? opinion? Thansk, Gary
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    Car Show - Judging

    Does anyone have a judging sheet that I can use at our upcoming Corvette car show that you would share with me? this is a wash and show event. thanks, Gary
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    69 with AC and no overflow tank

    I have a '69, 350 with factory A/C. On hot days the radiator coolent will flow out of the short hose attached to the rad overflow, not much, but some. I purchased a '69 overflow tank and straps, but couldn't install where the tank should go because of the A/C unit. Now i'm told that small...
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    Corvette Car show- St. Louis area

    Our Corvette Club-Boone Trail CC is sponsoring our annual Corvette Charity Car Show this Saturday- 25AUG12. flyer. http://www.boonetrailcc.com/Charity_Show.pdf Thanks, Gary
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    Custom Steering Wheel for my '69

    I replaced the stock steering wheel in my ’69 with a ’82 for the smaller diameter wheel. I like the look, however I’m thinking about replacing again with a custom steering wheel. I have visited the CAC advertisers and didn’t find any to my liking. The Grant wheels can close, but I’m still...
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    Did your Vette get a Christmas present?

    the '69 got $700 worth of presents :) all the small items add up fast. new door locks/keys, heater core, bumper brackets, shifter boot, clock, a/C fan belt, Antenna cable, fuel line replacement and filters, on and on.... But she is worth every penny! Gary
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    Question: WTB 1969 stingray!!!:)

    google - 1969 Corvette for sale and you will get 10 pages full of sites.
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    replace the Heater core

    Thanks for the replies I did replace the core by removing the dash and accessing the heater box. It takes time, but at least iI feel that if was done correctly. I search the web and found a couple of do-it-yourself sites w/pictures. very helpful
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    replace the Heater core

    I need to replace the heater core on my '69. Without removing the A/C parts in the engine compartment is there an easier way to do the replacement? First I will try Stopleak to see if that does the trick. Thanks, Gary
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    1969 door lock replacment - 1st post

    ...or is there a tool that can be purchased?
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    Cloth seat covers - 2nd post

    Thanks Chuck, I purchased the car out of state as is, so I don't know which shop installed. Thanks for the video tip, I searched you tube and found some videos. Gary
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    Cloth seat covers - 2nd post

    Hi again, The seats in my '69 covers were custom cloth and some of the holding wires(?) which ran from the material though the seat to the spring are loose causing bulging and wear on the seat cover. I’m going to replace the holding wires any instructions or help replacing these is welcome...
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    1969 door lock replacment - 1st post

    Hello, I’m replacing the door locks on my ’69 and would appreciate advice on the installation. I have replaced one and taking the lock out was not too bad, but putting in the new lock due to the tight area and new lock spring is difficult and took me hours. Am I missing an easier way to...
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    4 speed and starting the car

    Sorry, I should of wrote with the clutch engaged. Still sometimes with the clutch engaged and in reverse the car will not start, is this because of the interlock not properly adjusted? Gary
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    4 speed and starting the car

    Question - I was told that on a 4 speed you can only start the car if the car in Neutral. My '69 will start sometimes in reverse and sometimes not. Does the lockout interlock need adjusting?
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    What kind of MPG are you getting

    MY 69, 350 4 speed is getting around 12-14 MPG, aint much, but it sure is fun driving :happyanim:
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    Newbie in Iowa

    Welcome :thumb Your first Corvette is alway special whether you are 26 or 46! Have fun :)
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    Post pictures of your C3

    another photo of my 69
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    Post pictures of your C3

    My 69 vert
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