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    You Decide The 2018 Corvette Of The Year

    Hello Folks, my 1967 Corvette 427,3X2 is in the running for "2018 Corvette Of The Year" on the corvetteforum.com If you are a member of that forum I'd Really Appreciate your vote. If you're not a member you can register and join, It's FREE. Go to CorvetteForum - Chevrolet Corvette News and...
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    1991 ZR-1 368 cubic inch

    Selling 1991 Corvette ZR-1. Car has 27,800 miles. Great car and fun to drive. The car idles and runs like a stock ZR-1. It has a 368 cubic inch motor with polished cam covers and intake plenum all aluminum parts have been polished to enhance the appeal when you open the hood. This car has many...
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    Question: Transparent Roof Panel replacement

    I've had two of the Thompson tops and was not happy with either. The last one only lasted about three years.
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