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    A 84 with some flair

    Can't say that I am a fan, but someone surely put their heart and soul into that build, so no hate. I'd like to see the front!
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    Where does the purple wire get its juice??

    Hi LLC5, Turned out to actually be the linkage coming from the ignition cylinder binding. Can't believe I didn't notice it before. I definitely understand the circuit.. automotive electrical and CAN bus systems are my livelihood. I just don't love approaching an electrical problem without a...
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    Where does the purple wire get its juice??

    Found what I needed! Link here for future use in case someone (or I) run into the same problem in the future! https://photobucket.com/gallery/user/88f150xlt/media/cGF0aDovODQgODUgdGhlZnQgZGV0ZXJlbnRfenBzcWQ2a3Q1YWwuanBn/?ref= (Thanks to ECSS if you are still around!)
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    Where does the purple wire get its juice??

    Hi folks, 1984 Corvette, all original stock I PROMISE I will be using the search feature and dig about, but I am so close to solving my no-crank issue! :upthumbs Mind you, I bought my Corvette without ever driving it, so I hope you can understand! I can apply power via my power probe 3 to...
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    Hello from Colorado

    Hello friends, I purchased my first Corvette yesterday, a 1984 two-tone light/medium blue metallic LT1. It looks better from 20 feet away for sure, but that's exactly why I bought it, with the intent to make it pretty again with performance as an afterthought... maybe this approach is uncommon...
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