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    S-TEE'z Photos

  2. S-TEE

    Corvette Action Center Loses a Valued Member

    There was one in my post above... ...here's another....
  3. S-TEE

    Corvette Action Center Loses a Valued Member

    Hal, Thanks for putting the info up. It was good seeing you again, even in these circumstances. It's incredible how much the Corvette world meant to Ken. He was the true representation of the term "gearhead". While helping to clean out his garage today, I was amazed at the level of...
  4. S-TEE

    Corvette Action Center Loses a Valued Member

    Just passing the word that the Corvette world, no, make that the automotive world, has lost one of it's true fans. And I've lost a true friend. I wanted to let everyone know that former moderator Ken Stapel has passed away. He was found in his apartment yesterday, possibly losing in his wait...
  5. S-TEE

    What to use to protect IGGEE seat covers?

    OK, I'll bite. What the heck is an IGGEE??? Don't think I've heard that acronym before... :confused
  6. S-TEE

    6-Shooter - Clay Bar - Oh My!

    Glad to see that the word is out on a great tool for detailing your car. I've used many products throughout the years, from A to Z, and I've gotten back to the beginning of the alphabet with Adam's Polishes. If you were at Carlisle this past weekend you probably saw his booth, got some samples...
  7. S-TEE

    Tail light seals...an easy mod...

    I posted this on another site, hope it's Ok for the link... http://z06vette.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97138&highlight=taillight+seals
  8. S-TEE

    A nice story.

    ...I hope you gave the kid a ride, or at least a chance to sit behind the wheel! :Steer I had to go through several batteries before I got the "Golden One". The factory battery was dead off the lot--got it replaced in a week--after having to get jumped in an Acura dealer's...
  9. S-TEE

    Dyno numbers for my stock '03 Z06

    Pulled a 358hp last year with just a set of Stingers on the back. This year with a Hurricane intake and a Magnaflow X-pipe added to the mix, I pulled a 362hp. Both times with NO tuning--someday I gotta get it tuned... Temperature, dyno variations, gasoline--they're all factors in the...
  10. S-TEE

    My with red/black interior?

    Looks like he has what is commonly called a MOD/RED interior option, which has the red door/dash/seat inserts. To that he added (what looks like) a Vette Essentials shift boot, and a wheel cover and console cover from Eckler's?
  11. R_R


  12. S-TEE

    Hood light switch

    One thing to watch out for when you leave your connector unplugged--it tends to catch water in it and starts to corrode. I found that the connector on mine was unplugged from the dealer and had a lot of corrosion on the terminals--it seems that the deionized water used to wash the car seems to...
  13. S-TEE

    Brake Caliper Lettering

    I say they should be Silver! No, Yellow! :L
  14. S-TEE

    charging problem

    Sounds like your battery is in a charging state, if it's at that voltage all the time. You should be dropping down to ~13.8 to 14.0 volts after the car has run for awhile. At least you know your alternator is working! My car came off the dealer's lot with a bad battery, I had it replaced...
  15. S-TEE

    Supercharging the vette

    Don't forget that the Magnacharger will require a high rise hood! From what I've (superficially) looked into, you should be able to get the polished Magnacharger, installed, with a new hood, painted, for about $8k, maybe less, if you shop around... ...it's the set-up I'm interested in doing...
  16. S-TEE

    California Emissions

    The CA cars are the same as the 49-state cars. There should be an underhood sticker that says it is 50-state legal, or that it meets CA Air Resources Board standards--that is pretty much the extent of the difference, if any--just the sticker.
  17. S-TEE

    What should a stock Zzz be putting down for HP?

    Oh pooh! EVERYONE knows a Type R sticker is good for at LEAST 20 HP! And they're cheap! :L :beer
  18. S-TEE

    Color Theory: Are Corvette Owners What They Drive?

    Hehehe...yellow...bananas...crazy...me... I think I got the right color! :s
  19. S-TEE

    Millennium Yellow Owners Sign in Here!

    Ken--as long as that's all you're stroking... ...hehehe...;LOL
  20. S-TEE

    Millennium Yellow vs Quicksilver

    Hey! That's my car! :D I hardly think you could call Ken's car a sleeper--he takes the "loud noises"" approach to attracting attention, rather than visual... ...VROOOM!:Steer
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