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  1. koolaid117

    C4 Corvette Intentionally Set on Fire

    My thoughts exactly
  2. koolaid117

    New c4 owner here

    Welcome! Blue on blue has always been one of my favorite color combos!
  3. koolaid117

    [EBAY] 1984 Corvette "Project" Car That Sat for 15 Years - Brace Yourself!

    Sad to see any Corvette just sitting and wasting away.
  4. koolaid117

    Headlight Question

    Thank you for replying. I will try to check that today.
  5. koolaid117

    Headlight Question

    So a couple of weeks ago I replaced both of the crappy plastic gears in each of my headlight motors, along with all four headlights. Now the high beam on the passenger side will not light up. Driver's side works fine. I checked it with the driver's side bulb and still doesn't light up. Any...
  6. koolaid117

    Family Sues General Motors for Father's Death Due to Corvette Door Locks

    While this man and his dog's death are tragic, I agree that GM should not be held responsible.
  7. koolaid117

    Car and Driver Sheds More Light on the Mid-Engine Corvette to Come

    With more news stories coming out about the mid-engine Corvette, it would seem that this might really happen!
  8. koolaid117

    The mid-engined Corvette is happening!

    More Speculation More talk about the mid-engined Corvette Report Says Mid-Engine Corvette to Replace C7 in Late 218
  9. koolaid117

    Long weekend trip

    So I finally got to take the Corvette on a long weekend trip. We left Sunday morning and got home late Wednesday night. Roughly 1100 miles from home. It made me love the car even more. We cruised at 80mph on the highway, attacked some county roads in Kentucky and Tennessee, and that Borla...
  10. koolaid117

    Corvette Family Loses a Member - Dick Guldstrand

    Rest in peace Mr Guldstrand.
  11. koolaid117

    Raise it back up?

    Thanks for the responses! I will go that route and get it raised back up!
  12. koolaid117

    Raise it back up?

    My 03 was lowered on the stock suspension when I got it a few weeks ago. However, I live in a somewhat rural area and the cowl drags on my driveway and on some of the roads that I drive. So I need to raise it back up to stock height. How do I do this? Do I need to put it on jack stands, take the...
  13. koolaid117

    The mid-engined Corvette is happening!

    Thanks Hib! That's just disappointing!
  14. koolaid117

    Working on a deal for this beauty.

    It was delivered to me on July 10th! Not much time to drive it yet. Hoping the rest of the week stays nice so I can drive it after work.
  15. koolaid117

    Working on a deal for this beauty.

    Overdue in updating this thread I did finally get the car on July 10. Haven't had much time to get it on the road though. I cannot believe how awesome it sounds with that Borla exhaust. WOW!
  16. koolaid117

    Found this on cars.com. Too good to be true?

    Haven't heard from the guy since I asked for a location to send the pre-purchase inspection. Then got an email alerting me to a possible fraud involving this car. Hope they find the a-hole and arrest him.
  17. koolaid117

    Working on a deal for this beauty.

    It checked all the right boxes. Convertible, stick, HUD, aftermarket exhaust, and the most important one, the wife likes the color scheme.
  18. koolaid117

    Found this on cars.com. Too good to be true?

    Thanks for all the responses! After seeing these same pictures of the same car with the same pictures listed in AR, I fully believe its fraudulent. All goes back to the old saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" I guess I'll keep searching.
  19. koolaid117

    Found this on cars.com. Too good to be true?

    2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition, $9,800 - Cars.com I have emailed the guy and he says the car is in Olympia, WA and that the price includes shipping. He says it has 35k miles. I checked the VIN and it came back that the check digit was incorrect. Could be a typo. I asked him...
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