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  1. G Winter

    Anyone have a dual mass flywheel for sale?

    The DM flywheel has bearings and springs in it. There is also some lube in the bearing part and has a seal.I was told the seal on the earlier flywheels was not as good as the later and will leak if debris get to it. This happened to my 90. The clutch was fine when cold but when it got warm would...
  2. G Winter

    Question: Driver side door leaks water when it rains

    are you sure it is the door, I thought that with my 90 and it turned out to be the bottom of the windshield. It only showed up going down the road in the rain. I found it by using a hose and running full force water at the bottom of the windshield. It ran down the kick panel.
  3. G Winter

    started out as a wide body conversion ended up total redo

    I think I would be ranting on pcmforless untill their ears were ringing and they gave you a partial refund. Would be interesting to know what actually caused the headers to get that hot.Usually late timing of cam or ignition can cause this, MAF table makes me think maybe fuel.Your engine set up...
  4. G Winter

    started out as a wide body conversion ended up total redo

    I saw you had an issue with glowing headers.. was that a timing thing, the cam or something else ?
  5. G Winter

    Shock Absorbers for my '90 C4

    I agree with your thinking on doing it right. Most likely you won't have to do it again.My 90 has just over 100k now and needs the rear suspension looked over.Not looking forward to the time and expense. For the amount I drive it I have second thoughts on even starting on it.Nothing on it is...
  6. G Winter

    Idle issue warm engine

    you could have bad injectors. Bad temp sensor , not the gauge sensor, can cause warm idle issues. Throttle position sensor could also be a problem. You need to get the codes pulled on it,that might help.
  7. G Winter

    Shock Absorbers for my '90 C4

    I replaced the front with standard Delco shocks. they ended up being to soft and later change to a set of KYBs much happier with the handling.
  8. G Winter

    embarrassing question! (shift knob removal)

    There is a wedge driven from the top. you need to pull that out with a vise grip. pulls out very hard. you then can screw it off.
  9. G Winter

    decoding the date of manufacture

    there are build sheets in the car. usually one on the gas tank for one. Often in the back side of the seat cushion.
  10. G Winter

    Help! 84 vette engine noise

    Even a leaking head gasket can cause a knocking sound.An exhaust leak can cause quite a knock type sound.With only 50k on the engine I would find it hard to believe you have a major internal problem unless you have abused it.
  11. G Winter

    Foglights on Anytime and Headlights on bright with foglights on also

    You want to be carefull doing this. The wiring may not be heavy enough to run the extra wattage. I installed higher wattage foglights and had to install 5 amp higher fuse to keep the tail light fuse from blowing. The fog lights run on the tail light fuse. I believe the fog lights use the dim...
  12. G Winter

    Parking lights

    If I remember right the park/foglights use the dim lights as a common. Does it make any diff is the headlights are on dim or bright. I would be looking for a bad ground on the headlights or the motors somewhere. You need an electrical diagram to troubleshoot this easily.The helms manual for your...
  13. G Winter

    Bosch fuel injectors?

    it is fuel injector connection I think this is it been awhile bought some bosh III for my 90 a few yrs ago, all I can say is GREAT. Fuel Injector Connection
  14. G Winter

    started out as a wide body conversion ended up total redo

    from old school experience , sounds like cam is retarded.Maybe even exhaust valves to tight.
  15. G Winter

    heater core replacement

    If you look closely, the inlet and outlet tubes feed through holes in the firewall,I don't see how you could get it out that way.
  16. G Winter

    C4 trailer hitch

    Your corvette will hardly know it is there. I assume your just going to buy a hitch. If you would get the idea you would want to build one I could get it out and take measurments and send pictures. without the reciever mine is invisible unless you stick your head under the car .
  17. G Winter

    C4 trailer hitch

    At the time the hitch was no longer available. I couldn't find one anywhere. Seems for some reason they started producing them again. I used that very picture to make my own hitch. It worked well for me and still have it although it isn't on the car. If you plan on putting much tongue weight on...
  18. G Winter

    The Best Service Repair Manual (?)

    Did you get the electircal supplement with it ? That has all the electrical diagrams etc.
  19. G Winter

    Smartphone and OBD scanner

    I never could find an app to use the blue tooth, I finally bought a USB cable and downloaded a program on my laptop. That worked quite well. Can't remember what program it was, think I found the link on this forum but been a few yrs ago.
  20. G Winter

    The Best Service Repair Manual (?)

    check here. this is the one you want, hopefully you can find one cheaper than at Helms http://www.helminc.com/helm/Result.asp?Style=helm&Mfg=GMC&Make=CHV&Model=CVET&Year=1995&Category=1&Keyword=&Module=&selected_media=
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