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  1. 18th Annual Corvette Cruse-In

    18th Annual Corvette Cruse-In

    Pix from the 2008 Cruise In in Manassas, VA
  2. Eric

    First time Vette Owner - Just Picked up this 90 Coupe

    Congrats and welcome! That's a nice looking car you've got there :upthumbs! - Eric:w
  3. Eric

    With Viper splitting from Dodge, should Corvette have separated from Chevy?

    In my 29 years of driving, I've owned 10 Chevrolets, two of them were Corvettes. Notice I didn't say that I've owned eight Chevys and two Corvettes. I won't droll on about the reasons since they've been stated already but from what I just typed I think you can see where I stand. I may not...
  4. Eric

    Let's See Stunning C5 Photos

    He's already snowed in for the winter so he has nothing else to do:D.
  5. Eric

    Pulling Codes on a C5

    That's what makes this site so great! Welcome aboard, we're glad to have you!:upthumbs
  6. Eric

    C5 Window Valet $85 Shipped in U.S.

    Yep, and it's yours. :upthumbs SOLD
  7. Eric

    C5 Window Valet $85 Shipped in U.S.

    Sold the 98, don't need valet anymore. Title says just about everything. The $85 shipped price is for U.S. only and I'll ship it insured USPS. I can take paypal. I have this listed in three places so PM me if you want it. - Eric:w
  8. Eric

    Video: Jan Magnussen on the Nordschleife with a ZR1

    WOW:eek!!!! 'Nuff said:D
  9. Eric

    Question: Is This Door Panel Light Oak

    Will do, thanks. My bill is adding up pretty quickly:eek!
  10. Eric

    Editorial: Chrysler Destroys Its Historical Archives; GM to Follow?

    Would've been perfect in the Transportation exhibit. Also would've been great timing as the Smithsonian American History Museum just re-opened after an extensive remodeling. Granted the Smithsonian has an immeasurable amount of artifacts in storage never to see the light of day but what says...
  11. Eric

    Sweeet Racing pics from Sweden !

    Thanks for the pics! This one's my favorite.
  12. Eric

    Help! 2000 C5

    Bingo! That's the answer - don't just push it, hold it down for a second or so and you should see the info clear.
  13. Eric

    15th NCM Caravan-Plant tours

    That's awesome for those who will be attending. When I first read about the tours in an idle plant I tried to imagine the two tours I've been on without the line moving and it jsut seemed strange. Having the plant back to life will make for a great experience for you all. Wish I could come...
  14. Eric

    Video: What is this ZR1 chasing?

    If it was, the camera equipment did a good job compensating for the leaning on the corners.;)
  15. Eric

    Video: Ron Fellows Driving a ZR1

    I have no idea what you're talking about:D.
  16. Eric

    Video: What is this ZR1 chasing?

    Holy flight times batman! I guess you could call that an off-road ready ZR1. And they won't tell us what he was chasing until July 31.
  17. Eric

    Corvette Museum raffling 15th Anniversary Custom

    I'm diggin' it! I've always only sprung for the $10 raffles there but this may be the one that finally pulls me in for the bigger ticket raffles. By the way, it's not on the NCM raffles page yet.
  18. Eric

    Question: To Wing or not to Wing??

    This thread is beginning to sound like a broken record, so I'll keep the trend going. Generally speaking, I can't stand spoilers on Vettes except for 78s and 79s with Pace Car spoilers. But yours is a part of the whole package and finishes off the car very nicely. Keep it on and if anyone...
  19. Eric

    Deputies using Corvette to catch speeders

    I just emailed the article to my sisters and parents in Sanford.:eek - Eric:w
  20. Eric

    Help! lumbar seats

    Sonny, Sounds like bad bladders to me. There are six bladders in the seat: lower and upper in the seat back and left and right bolsters. The lower and upper are independent of one another so you can have one go bad and not the other. The left and right are connected through the seat back so...
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