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  1. Sharondippity

    Headlights wont go down after removal

    Four hours, not too bad of a turnaround. :)
  2. Sharondippity


    Naw, I didn't insinuate you were wrong, I was teasing you to take pics next time, and you did! Thanks- http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/c5-general-discussion/111944-proud-made-my-day.html
  3. Sharondippity

    News: One less to wave at. . .

    And in a no parking zone no less, what scandal.
  4. Sharondippity

    Proud- Made my Day

    pics or it didn't happen
  5. Sharondippity


    My ex boyfriend did, row 3. Sure miss the seats.
  6. Sharondippity

    Pulling Codes on a C5

    sure thing
  7. Sharondippity

    Pulling Codes on a C5

    P0440 = loose gas cap For me it did anyway. P0440 wasn't in the list of codes in the sticky thread, so I thought I'd post it here for anyone who does a site search for it.
  8. Sharondippity

    Auto Repair Dallas

  9. Sharondippity

    Duplicate key?

    Wow look at that. I'll investigate my Radio Shack to see if they can accommodate that process.
  10. Sharondippity

    Duplicate key?

    I'll be dipped. I learn something new every other day, or so. Rescue Ron in San Jose wants $165 for one duplicate key. The dealer only wants $40. Go figure. :beer
  11. Sharondippity

    Duplicate key?

    Yay, it's gotta be cheaper than the dealer...
  12. Sharondippity

    Duplicate key?

    The key has a chip in it.
  13. Sharondippity

    Duplicate key?

    I bought my Corvette slightly used, it had only the one fob and key. Is there any other place to get a duplicate key besides the dealer?
  14. Sharondippity


    It's the Jocelyne Wildenstein of of Corvettes...
  15. Sharondippity

    Hey CAC!

    I think you'll like it here. They can't get rid of me.:upthumbs
  16. Sharondippity

    Wife rocks!

    Gee maybe I should get a wife, they sound awesome! My boyfriend probably wouldn't let me though, he can only take so much estrogen.
  17. Sharondippity

    New Tires

    I love the smell of new tires. I love walking into my garage and getting hit with that new tire smell. Schweet.
  18. Sharondippity

    C1225 RF Excessive Wheel Speed Variation

    The code has not reappeared in over 200 miles after being reset. Of course now I'm jinxing myself....
  19. Sharondippity

    C1225 RF Excessive Wheel Speed Variation

    Okay I will post results either way. I didn't realize there was some slight gravel when I punched it at the meter light. Wheels spun just a little bit. Okay a little more than a little bit. Part of the bearing? Does it make a squeaky noise when it's going out?
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