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  1. Verle

    Noland Adams GM Research Files

    I assume some of it goes to ProTeam, no idea how much. If his people are "organizing the files" I'm sure they will get paid for it. Verle
  2. Verle

    Noland Adams GM Research Files

    The Noland Adams GM Research Files... are now located at ProTeam Corvette Sales in Napoleon, Ohio and are available for inspection and for sale to the highest offer. Boxes on top of boxes, files on top of files... of transparencies, slides, photos, drawings, and letters of which date back to...
  3. Verle

    T5 transmission into C1 corvette

    I'm not sure any T-5 will fit without cutting the transmission hump. The shifter is in the middle and does not line up with the existing shifter hole. Depending on which T-5 the shifter may be forward or behind the stock shifter. There are TKO-500 and TKO-600 kits with shifter in the correct...
  4. Verle

    Cool pics of your C1 & C2 corvette!! Post 'em!

    My 57 in western North Carolina after a road tour and in Rocky Mountain National Park during a road tour.
  5. Verle

    Ball bearing in hose?

    I know Bubba. Bubba is a friend of mine. Bubba is also dumber than dirt sometimes!. :eyerole
  6. Verle

    Question: 1956 Front Crossmember Brake Line

    You might consider a new radiator if yours is very corroded. Dewitt's Radiators makes a very good reproduction that will cool better and when painted look very original also.
  7. Verle

    '65 fuelie unit info

    I have seen 7375 R injectors on early 64 cars. I have never see a 7380 R injector. That is not to say they don't exist, but if so they must be pretty rare.
  8. Verle

    Cool pics of your C1 & C2 corvette!! Post 'em!

    My USMC license plate is on my pickup. Semper Fi.
  9. Verle

    With Viper splitting from Dodge, should Corvette have separated from Chevy?

    Corvette split from Chevrolet I would like to see Corvette stay part of Chevrolet. The danger of that is, as in the past, bean counters have tried to close Corvette. "Not enough revenue." The problem with splitting off is a small company would not have the financial resources to do the high...
  10. Verle

    corvette cyl. heads "power pack" from 1960-67

    Fred Yeakel was running a set of these heads on his Cheetah a few years ago. They limited high RPM significantly.
  11. Verle

    NCRS club (good or bad for the corvette enthusiast)

    I have been a member of NCRS for over 20 years. NCRS is an organization of Corvette enthusiasts, some of whom participate in various ways in judging and some do not. The intent is to preserve Corvettes as the factory produced them. Most members do not get their cars judged. A key point, NCRS...
  12. Verle

    NCRS club (good or bad for the corvette enthusiast)

    I drive my 57 to NCRS events regularly and rarely hear anything negative. It is more often "when are you going to restore it?" My answer always is, "never, its a driver".
  13. Verle


    As John said, the assembly manual has the information you need. I also suggest you get the GM service manuals. They are invaluable when working on these cars.
  14. Verle

    Question: positraction for my '61

    The 1953-1962 Corvette Servicing Guide also known as the ST-12 has section 4-18 that has service operations for the positraction. Verle
  15. Verle

    Question: 1960 Steering Wheel Cover??

    I believe the standard size is 17" and there was no power steering option in 1960.
  16. Verle

    Another one for the Bubba file

    On a Solid Axle Corvette the "engine mount bracket" bolts between the water pump and the block. The bolt hole that intersects the fuel pump rod is one of four that was used for front engine mounts in 55, 56 and 57 Chevrolet cars.
  17. Verle

    Keisler orders

    Why is that? Are they only shipping their new transmissions?
  18. Verle

    Keisler orders

    Has anyone checked on their transmission order from Keisler lately? When will it be delivered?
  19. Verle

    curious - amount of car use on your C1 or C2

    We drive our 57, that's what they are for. We plan to join the road tour to the NCRS National Convention in North Carolina in July. Have driven it on several.
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