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  1. Jeb

    Security Light Stays On

    Thanks. That's what I was thinking also since the security system still works. I am going to do some more digging and I'll find the problem sooner or later.
  2. Jeb

    Security Light Stays On

    i just replaced the amp relay in my '87 Vert and all went well with the radio but now the SECURITY light stays on. The alarm arms and works as designed but the light just stays on all the time. During the job of replacing that godforsaken relay, we blew the RADIO fuse on the right of the...
  3. Jeb

    Inner wheel well ???

    Have you considered repairing your existing wheel well. That doesn't look like a real bad crack and someone familiar with fibreglass should be able to fix it and you can paint to match.
  4. Jeb


    I installed a train horn on my wife's 2500 Silverado and it's awesome. Unfortunately, there isn't any place on a Vette for the system and, I would be very leary of using one since the thing is so loud, it might crack the fiberglass. Still, it's an interesting thought. :)
  5. Jeb

    This is a gas

    Hib, I posted a correction. I meant ethanol, not methanol.
  6. Jeb

    This is a gas

    I have an 87 L98 and use it as a daily driver. What is the absolutely worst thing that will happen if I change to 87 octane gas but keep using the methanol additive? 9/23/12 - Correction Ooops! I meant ethanol, not methanol and the additive I am talking about is to negate the bad effects...
  7. Jeb

    Anybody see this one?

    See that black canvas on the white frame on the right of the photo? Guess what's behind it.
  8. Jeb

    Replacing Alternator

    If your car runs in the 230 range, you don't have a problem. Just remember to keep the coolant level up to specs, the space in front of the radiator clean of trash (it's a bottom feeder so it sucks crap into that area), and make sure your hoses are in good shape, you'll be fine. If you want to...
  9. Jeb

    Serpentine Belt Tensioner

    That's a 1/2" square hole, eh? I just use a 1/2" torque wrench or breaker bar.
  10. Jeb

    Accelerator Pedal

    Thanks for the replies, folks. I lubed the core of the cable a tad and it is much smoother now.
  11. Jeb

    Accelerator Pedal

    I've got an 87 Vert and I'd like to smooth up the accelerator pedal. There's nothing wrong with the way it works but it's sort of jerky when first squeezed down. I try to be as smooth as possible when starting from a dead stop and it's very hard to do this when the pedal isn't smooth. Anyone...
  12. Jeb

    Upper exterior windshield moulding

    Has anyone here ever removed this moulding? If so, are there any tricks to doing it without destroying either the moulding or associated parts? Ooops! Never mind. Moderator, please remove this thread. It's not needed.
  13. Jeb

    Amazing machine work

    Take a look at this - http://youtu.be/3YfTtGCsiD8
  14. Jeb

    Right horn stopped working

    Fixed. Simple.
  15. Jeb

    Right horn stopped working

    Checked wiring and can't find anything out of order or loose. Has anyone had the same problem and if so.... Oh! I put 12V to the horn and it works. It's not an emergency but the damned car sounds like a twinky when you hit the horn.
  16. Jeb

    Ecklers or Corvette Central for steering wheel restoration?

    Depending on how bad it is, you could try to do it yourself. I went over mine with Kiwi leather dye, let it dry, repeated it, let it dry again and then buffed it out. It came out looking almost new. Mine didn't have a bunch of tears or rips but it did have some fairly well worn spots which...
  17. Jeb

    Corvette Convertible Top

    Can you be a tad more specific? Are you talking about screws to attach the fabric to the frame or are you talking about screws required to attach the frame to the car body?
  18. Jeb

    Ever Replaced a Coupe's Headliner?

    That was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad:chuckle
  19. Jeb

    Could my headders be the reason my vette is overheating? o_O

    I'm trying to be cute but are you sure the thermostat wasn't put in backasswards? I don't even know if it's possible but I do know it's been done before on other engines.
  20. Jeb

    No power at all at speed (1988 C4)

    My 87 exhibited the exact same symptoms. Check the exhaust system. The pre-cats or cat may have collapsed blocking the exhaust. I changed mine out and that took care of it.
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