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  1. bluecoupe

    OT Turn signals 2006 Impala SS (4 door Vette:-)

    This isn't a Vette question but I thought maybe our resident Guru's have run into this problem. 2006 Impala SS: Intermittantly when I have my turn signals on instead of hearing the normal soft "tic tic" clicking sound I'll hear a louder buzzing sound. The buzzing sound will continue...
  2. bluecoupe

    Fast-Autos.net Forum Member Photographs SS Test Mule

    I think the Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged uses one: http://cobaltss.net/images/cobalt_ss3.jpg
  3. bluecoupe

    C5 Corvette Parts and accesories for sale

    Sorry John the reenforcement kit has already been sold. Congratulations on your "new" C5. I have a great set of black floor mats for sale too. http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=87420 Frank
  4. bluecoupe

    C5 Corvette Parts and accesories for sale

    Yes. These are the fix for that. P/N 607-033 Installation Instructions: http://content.madirect.com/pdf/607033.pdf Reinforcement Kit. These black, ABS plastic brackets take the brunt of a bump and prevent bolts from sliding through, keeping your spoiler securely in place. Kit includes one...
  5. bluecoupe

    C5 Corvette Parts and accesories for sale

    C5 Corvette NEW Parts and Accessories For Sale C5 Corvette Parts and accessories. I have some items that are New (never used) for sale. I am a not a dealer or vendor. I no longer have a C5. I've been a CAC member for years. If you are interested in any or all of these items let me know and...
  6. bluecoupe

    Sharks at Barrett Jackson!!!

    Speed Channel and Barrett Jackson are killing the classic, muscle and custom car market out of their geed for quick profits. The over-priced market caused by all the hype will blow-up just like the dot com and Harley Davidson bubbles of the 90s did. Just sit tight for a few years and there will...
  7. bluecoupe

    Apparel Etiquette

    I thought you had to wear a cape when you drove a C6.
  8. bluecoupe

    "Mustang and Corvette Reborn" TV Show on Travel Channel

    Mustang and Corvette Reborn TV Show will be RERUN TODAY TRAV Oct 13 04:00pm ET 60 Mins.
  9. bluecoupe

    12 Pack Cd Player Wanted

    Sent a PM. I have one for you.
  10. bluecoupe

    GM - Here is what we think of the License Plate Mount

    GM needs to hire back the crew that designed the C4. They'll figure out how to fix it.
  11. bluecoupe

    Archived C5 Corvette web pages still online

    This is pretty cool. Many of Chevy's older Corvette C5 web pages are still availible online: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://corvette.com
  12. bluecoupe

    C5 T-Top Painted fibrglass NOT glass top FS

    Traded the 2001 with the lexan top only. :D At my age/weight topless is not an option.
  13. bluecoupe

    C5 T-Top Painted fibrglass NOT glass top FS

    SALE (to Bounty Hunter) PENDING
  14. bluecoupe

    GM Z06 Airbox lid and Blackwing replacement filter and clear kit

    F/S GM Z06 Airbox lid and Blackwing replacement filter and cleaner-oil kit SOLD ... thanks! For SALE GM Z06 Airbox lid and Donaldson Blackwing stock replacement filter (looks like K&N but is blue) and blackwing air cleaner cleaner/oil kit (never opened). Use this setup for two months the...
  15. bluecoupe

    C5 T-Top Painted fibrglass NOT glass top FS

    PRICE REDUCED! $350 - C5 Coupe roof panel fibrglass For SALE! SOLD(to Bounty Hunter) PRICE REDUCED! $350 plus S&H I accept PayPal C5 fiberglass painted T-Top Panel Navy Blue Metallic. not a glass top. It does have some minor cosmetic flaws on the paint but is structurally and...
  16. bluecoupe

    Z06 Exhaust (mufflers/tailpipes, etc)Titanium take-offs

    For Sale $385 - stock Z06 Exhaust (cat back) Titanium take-offs SOLD THANKS! Z06 Exhaust stock Titanium Cat-Back exhaust (mufflers/tailpipes, etc) These are from a very low mile 2002 Z06. The system is in excellent condition. Its not even discolored yet. I can email photos and/or you can...
  17. bluecoupe

    Need help with TMS

    They need to be programmed in a secific order. Maybe it can't proceed past the bad front sensor. http://www.frankhunt.com/FRANK/corvette/options/Programming_the_TPS.html
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