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    Help! 82 hot start issue - no power to starter when hot

    Did that and starter too. Purple wire is not getting power when hot after sitting for a while. Disconnected alarm in rear behind the seats and will see if that works!
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    Help! 82 hot start issue - no power to starter when hot

    82 Hot start issue - been chasing this issue for a while! Purple wire to starter has no power when starting after the car has been driven, warmed up, shut off and sits for 5-10 minutes! Usually starts if it is restarted right after shut off but no power to Purple starter wire after a few min...
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    1996 LT4 Collector Edition for sale - Georgia

    1996 Collector Edition Coupe (5412 produced), Grey interior, Targa top LT-4 330HP with 6 speed ZF Transmission, all matching numbers with Tire pressure sensors, sport seats and other CE equipment with power drivers and passenger seats, Delco-Bose stereo with CD player, tinted windows, recent new...
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    Perf 3" SS Exhaust For Sale - LT4

    SOLD Perf 3" SS Exhaust For Sale - LT4 SOLD -------C4 Corvette LT4 Stainless Steel 3 inch Performance Exhaust for sale - Billy Boat model number FC0R-0060. This is a Cat Back full 3" system for a 96 LT4 Corvette. Excellent condition, this is a beautiful system, that cost over $1300 new, with...
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    Help! Brake light on dash will not go out bleed brakes and replaced lines please advise of a next step

    reset brake light Usually if you have done a good job of bleeding the brakes and the system is sound, a couple of heavy foot applications to the brake will reset the indicator. If that does not do it. You can temporary disconnect the wire from the switch on the proportioning valve to be sure...
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    FOR SALE - B & B Exhaust all polished SS - 3" exhaust for 96 LT4

    Will have my B&B polished SS exhaust for sale after the first of the year. Purchase on the car, and it sounds great, just a little louder than I would like for touring. Nice rumble at 1200-1800 RPM and really sounds good as the revs come up! :) Going back to stock exhaust (Also came with...
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    LT4 What kind of tires are on your LT4

    tires on 96 CE LT4 I put Nitto 555 and have been very pleased, run quiet, stick well and were priced right! :L
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    New member from North Georgia mountains

    Hi All, A new member here from the North Ga Mountains. New to your site, but not new to Corvettes. Have owned 17 Corvettes over the years. Currently own a 1970 Convertible, 4 speed with air SBC, a 1982 red on red with 59K original miles, and a 1996 Collector Edition Coup with LT4 - 6 speed...
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