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  1. duke94

    Help! Trouble with the dash. 79'

    Here's a link to a trouble shooting guide. You should be able to find the issue using this. Click on "vacuum trouble" on the left side of the page. Gary 1975 Corvette Convertible
  2. duke94

    driver window quit working

    Yes, you can get the door open without removing the panel. The picture below is looking down into the door right at the outside door handle. You will see a tab sticking out from the latch assembly (it's about a 1/4" wide). It's on the right side of the photo (sorry, I couldn't get any more light...
  3. duke94

    Seat belts

    Check out this post. You need to pry open the buckle and remove it so you can get it through the slot. I did this on my 71' Vert and it work great. :thumb Gary Reworking My Camaro Seat Belts To Pass Through - Page 2 - Corvette Forum
  4. duke94

    driver window quit working

    Does the other window work? If so, the fuse is OK. Next to check is the switch. You'll need to remove the side panel from the console. Use a volt meter to see if 12V is going to the motor. Not sure if there is a connector at the door that can be unplugged and probed for 12V. If so, that's the...
  5. duke94

    Horn contact assembly

    Yes, spring, then pin then cap. The cap is a push and turn arrangement. Gary
  6. duke94

    Good Corvette Meachanic In Northern NJ Area.

    Corvette Fever had an article a few years back that listed Corvette shops that other Vette owners had good luck with. The list for NJ: All About Alignment Farmingdale NJ Conte's Corvettes Vineland, NJ Corvette Paramedics Mt Holly, NJ Mr Driveshaft Farmingdale, NJ Hopefully one of these...
  7. duke94

    Help! Trouble with the dash. 79'

    . Are you trying to remove the whole dashpad or just the speedo/tech? If the speedo tech, loosen the 2 bolts that hold the steering column to the support bracket so it will drop down. After you remove the screws holding the speedo to the dashpad, it will pull forward. Gary
  8. duke94


    Corvette Rubber :thumb
  9. duke94

    top center console light socket

    If it's like my 78', there is an escutcheon that threads in from the outside of the door. Gary
  10. duke94

    Question: Muncie vs BW ST-10 Linkage hook up

    Here's the 78' BW T-10 linkage. The pictures are pretty much how it goes on. I think the lever location may be different than the Muncie. Hope this helps. Gary
  11. duke94

    Question: Muncie vs BW ST-10 Linkage hook up

    I have the complete shifter and mounting brackets from my 78 (T-10) (went to a TKO-600) and can take what ever pictures you need. Do you need just the linkage or the brackets too? Gary
  12. duke94

    My other car failed smog

    How many miles on the car? Try throttle body and fuel injector cleaner, set of plugs.
  13. duke94

    Body lift

    Here's a couple more ways to lift the body. Gary Corvette Body Lifting Rack - Corvette Forum
  14. duke94

    outside door handle rod

    This help? Gary
  15. duke94

    Fuel Line Removal

    Since the tank is higher than the fuel pump, it will drain the tank dry. Gary
  16. duke94

    Question: Speedometer cable 78 C3

    There's only one cable, the odo runs off the same one. I assume you just need to replace a broken drive cable and not the outer jacket. Disconnect the cable at the trannie and speedo and pull the drive cable out. It normally comes out from the speedo end, but if yours is broken, the broken...
  17. duke94

    Updated Radio

    Filed this a number of years ago, but never tried them. Gary Vintage Auto Radio Services
  18. duke94

    T-top storage

    Mine spend the summer here. Gary
  19. duke94

    WTB 71' or 75 alarm switch/lock

    Thanks for looking, I got one from another Forum member so I'm all set. Gary
  20. duke94

    Check Valve

    Look at the photo below, see the vac hose coming out of the fitting in the manifold behind the carb? Follow it toward the bottom of the picture, the small white plastic thingy is the filter, the next one (after the filter) with one hose going in and 2 coming out is the check valve. Hope this...
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