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  1. wishuwerehere82

    Question: Mouse nest in air intake.

    Hi everybody! It's been years since I have been here, and I wanted to know if anybody else had the issue. I had my 98 C5 covered in the driveway last fall waiting for it's parking spot to free up for the Winter, and apparently some critter found an opportunity to get a nice place ready for the...
  2. wishuwerehere82

    Harmonic balancer is wobbling.

    Haha, I have to laugh. It's been 17 years since I made this post, and I still haven't replaced the balancer. Yet.
  3. wishuwerehere82


    I'm so glad somebody else has done this before. I sprung a leak and am barely able to crawl around under the car any more. It's good to know the best and easiest way to get it out, because I took one look at it and thought I better go to the CAC tech section and search around before I start to...
  4. wishuwerehere82

    REMO has passed

    I am so sad to hear of Remo's passing. He and Guy were the first CAC'ers that I met at Carlisle. He was a great wit and was always willing to share the tent that they obviously put up in the wee hours of the morning, since it was in the very best spot on the fairground. We met several years at...
  5. wishuwerehere82

    The Corvette Action Center Loses a Family Member

    JAG was one of my favorite freinds here. I will miss her dearly. Rest In Peace Jane Ann.
  6. wishuwerehere82

    Help! Oh man.. No, not the right time to be doing this, even though you are 30..

    Stephan, From the sound of your description of the problem, it could be a lot of possible things with the engine controls and monitor system. From the CTS sensor, that would cause your mixture to be all wrong for the temperature range, to a bad TPS that would also cause the stalling and dying...
  7. wishuwerehere82

    F/S C6 Corsa Sport Quad tip catbacks

    Sorry, They went to a good home a long time ago.:w
  8. wishuwerehere82

    Help! No headlights, please help!

    An often overlooked cause of headlight failure is the frame ground at the chassis. The wiring harness up at the front of the car where the wires go to both headlamp bulbs have a black wire that runs to a ground bolt on the frame. There is a star washer between the wire lug and the frame to make...
  9. wishuwerehere82

    idle problems , runs very rough cold

    I would look at a couple of things to start with. 1) Is your snorkel air valve on the air filter box open? It should be open to the corregated hose that runs to the exhaust manifold at cold start, then open to fresh air after warm-up. There is a thermostat inside the air cleaner housing that...
  10. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    There is never a dull moment with these antiques is there? I would go back and check that terminal connection at the battery box first to see if the power is getting to the fuel pump fuse, and the ECM. If there's no spark at the distrubutor, it may be a problem with the ignition switch itself...
  11. wishuwerehere82

    Help! computer and PROM for California '82 Collector Edition Vette

    This Hypertech PROM will fit your 82-84 ECM. Hypertech I have the street runner in my 82.
  12. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    Yes, the oil pressure switch could be going bad, since the unit supplies voltage for the pump on one side, and voltage for the gauge on the other lead. You should be running 40-45 PSI at cold idle and 20-25 PSI at hot idle with it goig back up to 40 or so above 1000 RPM. You might want to clean...
  13. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    How you making out? Jeanie2002, how are you doing with this? Do you need any more help?
  14. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    Wait for the manual. I haven't the heart to tell you how to do it either way. Let's just say there's some disassembly required. The good news is that a solid 10 PSI won't be causing your stalling problems. Some shops would call that a good pressure and just re-tune it from there. Here's an...
  15. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    One other possible cause of a skip or dead spot in the throttle is a bad TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). You might want to do a quick check of the TPS too. This skip sounds like a dead spot on the TPS resistor as it moves. The center pin of the TPS connector is the wiper of the potentiometer. If...
  16. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    In this case it just doesn't matter, since the pump is on the filler neck and not mounted to the bottom of the tank. No need to drain the tank. It can be changed no matter if the tank is full or empty.
  17. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    I didn't use an 85 pump, just a replacement 82 pump. Didn't find out about that till afterward.:W I bet Buccaneer has one, maybe he can tell you how to do it. I guess the only way to be sure about the power connections is to go back and check them for continuity of zero ohms at each connection...
  18. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    Let me tell you how mine went out on me. My uncle and I took a nice drive down to the Finger Lakes in NY State from my house, probably a couple of hours driving just fine. Stopped for lunch, and it would just barely run afterwards. 20 MPH top speed and stumbling and bucking all the way until it...
  19. wishuwerehere82

    1982 crossfire-bad idle_ dies

    I think your fuel pump's shot. Remember all that rust you scrubbed off the outside of the dip tube? Imagine how much junk has gone though the pump. JMHO. :w
  20. wishuwerehere82

    Question: Noob having problems with 84 Vette.

    So you swapped the front and rear injector harness connectors to the opposite sides and the problem with the front injector spraying stayed on the front injector? But if you unplug the connector the injector stops spraying? Something doesn't sound right.
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