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  1. CavAir20

    I'm Vette-less

    On Thursday July 18, 2002 I became Vette-less. I traded my Vette for a 96' Grand Cherokee Limited, that is decked out. The dealer gave me $9,000, I paid $12,500 for the Vette a year and nine days ago, and I gave him $1,400 for the Jeep. This is a great forum and Corvettes are a great cars...
  2. CavAir20

    Trade-in Value

    I put a ad in the Austin American-Statesman almost a month ago and haven't had many calls. Only one person has come out to look at it. The guy loved it, but ended up buying one from a dealer for close to $25,000. The car he bought was in a movie. Today I lowered the ad to $10,500. Should I...
  3. CavAir20

    Trade-in Value

    I have checked a couple of specialty places and they all pretty much said that they would give me $10,000 straight up without trading for another car. If I am going to sell to a dealer for cheap I would rather just sell it to someone who will not try to make a profit and enjoy the car.
  4. CavAir20

    Trade-in Value

    I am going to trade in my 74' Stingray. How much do you think I'll be able to get? I have the original build sheet, 83k miles, almost everything is original, and it has tan leather interior. I bought the car from a Corvette dealer in Austin for 12,500, they where asking 14,000, last July. The...
  5. CavAir20


    Its a 4 speed manual on a 74' L82 350.
  6. CavAir20


    How do I check the transmission fluid? If it is low how do I add or change fluid?
  7. CavAir20

    Turbo and Super Chargers

    I just finished reading about turbo chargers and super chargers. Does anyone know where I can find one for my 74' 350 L82?
  8. CavAir20

    New Driver

    Insurance I only pay 120 a month for insurance at State Farm. I have 30% off though. 10% off for taking drivers ed., 10% off for listening to their driving program, and 10% off for A's and B's at school. If you take their driving program don't ask any questions or you will be their all day. I...
  9. CavAir20

    Safety Question

    It should be going on all day today.
  10. CavAir20

    Safety Question

    When I was looking for my vette, Jerry told me to stay away from the orange 76' because it was going to need a new carb pretty soon. It looked great and he said that it drove well but was going to need some work. Are you going to Rudy's tommorrow?
  11. CavAir20

    Safety Question

    I am not sure about your problem, but did you buy your car at Corvette Country? If so, who was the salesman?
  12. CavAir20

    Repairing Light Cracks In Dash

    I want to know how to get rid of them also.
  13. CavAir20


    Fixed It I sprayed some WD-40 on the inside of the wheel, and when I was starting my car to go to school it was turning freely. I have no idea how it was fixed, but I'm not going to touch for a while. Thanks for your help though. I think I will look into changing the lines.
  14. CavAir20


    My AC wheel will not move above bi-level or below heater, how do I fix it?
  15. CavAir20

    79 Service Manual

    Corvette Central sells every year of service manuals brand new for $19 to $30 each. Your best bet would probally be ebay or yahoo auctions.
  16. CavAir20

    redoing an interior

    Corvette Fever did an article on replacing the carpet in a 74', that can give you an idea on what to look forward to.
  17. CavAir20

    Rear Window

    Thanks for answering my post ssvett. Now I just have to go part hunting.
  18. CavAir20

    Rear Window

    Is their any way that I could take out my back window like the bumper cars can. Also would this damage the resale value of my car because right now everything is stock and close to show quality.
  19. CavAir20


    I have a pretty much stock 1974 L82 Coupe what is a good way to increase horsepower wihtout loosing a future collectors interest in the car. Money is also a factor. Right now I think I have 250 hp but would prefer to be around 350 or at least 300.
  20. CavAir20


    I have a 74 and am wondering where I can find a radio w/ a cd player to put in it.
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