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    C5 Manual Shifter Replacement

    I had a C6 shifter in my car and i wasn't happy with it. It felt sloppy to me. What I've found to be the best (IMO) is a shortened C5 shifter. I've run that set up with my last two Vettes and I couldn't be happier.
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    Want a good brochure on the 2008's

    I did this a few weeks ago and got a brand new 08 Vette brochure. It looks really nice. I was impressed.
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    2009 ZR-1 Spotted at Laguna Seca

    I like the wheels.
  4. Z

    vette verses viper

    I like both car but I prefer the Vette.
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    Jetstream Blue

    That color is really starting to grow on me.
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    WANTED: Honest report.

    I've driven an 07 and rode in another 07 two nights ago and the ride feels better than my 02 Z. The car does seem bigger to me on the inside but nothing I can't live with. I think it's a bit more refined than any other Vette model, not including the C6 model of course. I think you should go...
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    What's your daily driver?

    I split between my 87 Honda Accord and my Z.
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    C5 "Smiley"

    Those are cool!
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    Show Off Those Silver C5's

    Those rims are hot!!!
  10. Z

    Show Off Those Silver C5's

    Here's a few of my baby.
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    Noob for AZ.

    Thanks for all of the warm welcomes guys:upthumbs
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    Clutch Recommendations

    I think you'll love the LS7 clutch. IMO, this clutch will handle a cam all day long! Good luck. Tony
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    Clutch Recommendations

    I'm running the C6 Z06 clutch and its doing great! I have about 10 passes at the track and a lot of "sprited driving" under it's belt. I also have a 402 and this clutch has taken a beating. The pedal effort is is also great for around town driving. I will say that if you go to the tack I...
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    Show Us Your Tires & Wheels

    Nothing special but here's my set up. 18 x 10.5 all around.
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    Very rare Corvette 1 of 1

    I'm not a big fan of the color but a set of rims, tint, and a nice drop could change my mind.
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    Noob for AZ.

    Hello everyone! Nice site you got here. Tony
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