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  1. kingman

    Help! Z51 option

    Z-51???? If you go back to the dealer and tell them that you were had l am sure they will do everything to make it right. this is a major offense. you have to decide to either return the vette or take an allowance in either $ or a dealer warranty for at least 2 yrs bumper to bumper good Luck
  2. kingman

    News: 2015 Corvette Z06 Details Leaked!

    Hp Wars When is this going to end? My guess until it becomes unsafe!
  3. kingman

    News: 2015 Corvette Z06 Details Leaked!

    Performance numbers And after reading that Nissans GT-R can go 0-60 in 2.6 sec's besides it's track perf l am glad the Z has the ponies
  4. kingman

    GM Press Release: Chevrolet Lifts Lid on 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ I had to ask because l was curious. As far as the actual cost it is my wife's problem because she is paying for it not l.
  5. kingman

    GM Press Release: Chevrolet Lifts Lid on 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible

    Msrp ????? Hi Does anybody have the MSRP on the vert? Alan
  6. kingman

    News: First 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray Sells For $1.1 Million

    Would you buy a vette from Hendricks Chevrolet in Ga? Has anybody dealt with them? Thanks Alan
  7. kingman

    2014 C7 Beautiful Poll

    Not Bad!!! Not impressed with the design but again the C6 was not as good looking as the C5. The values of the C6's will drop like a rock after the C7's hit showrooms. Bottom line a 911 might be in my future.
  8. kingman

    LS7Manifold question

    Hi There is a kit that will allow the LS7 to work. But to add 5hp on my 02 is not worth the $ for sure. Alan
  9. kingman

    LS7Manifold question

    HI I have a 2002 coupe blackwing, 160 degree therm, Z06 Ti exhaust and street tuned. I was advised that l should switch my manifold to a LS7. Any thoughts, l do not track it and l really don't want to spend too much until l decide l'm going to keep it. Right now l'm approaching 20,000...
  10. kingman

    Speedline Lingerie bra questions

    Hi I plan l getting the new generation bra but will only use it on long trips and not around town. Is it a pain the first time or all the time Thanks Alan
  11. kingman

    Speedline Lingerie bra questions

    Hi I am going to be buying one used! What should l look for and is there really more then one generation as far as how it attaches to the front? What hardware should it come with and can l but the hardware directly from Speedline if needed? Thanks
  12. kingman

    WTB 2001 Torch Red 6 speed

    The only way to go !!!!!!!! Warren The only color is Torch Red and the same goes for the Ferrari ! Hope all is good in Staten Island? Alan
  13. kingman

    WTB Speedline bra Torch Red Used

    Hi I will be taking a 850 mile trip to Atlanta this summer and would like to pick up a used Speedline bra. I realize that they made more then one generation so please note which one if known. I would of course need all of the parts so that l can attach it. Thanks Alan
  14. kingman

    12 disc

    Lesson learned Hi In the future make sure you get a pic and ask a lot of questions. Either this person didn't know or else he was a wise guy and l'm being nice. The good thing is that it is out of sight. I had a person come to my house to install mine and l'm glad l did because he had to...
  15. kingman

    How Will Corvette Attract Younger Buyers To Continue Decades Long Customer Base?

    The younger folks while loving to look at the corvette have very little interest because it's only a 2 seater and no luggage room for stuff!!!!!!!!!! This is for empty nester's and people who are a couple or alone, maybe a dog.
  16. kingman

    Help! Disk changer skipping

    This seems to be a very common issue with the unit and that's why people are hooking up their ipods. The Bose system is not very good to start with. But l will follow this thread to see if l can learn something
  17. kingman

    Buying, selling and trading ???

    Hi Yoda What l'm trying to say is that there are no ads unless you count a couple of dealers and maybe one private party here and there! Is there a real reason or it is what it is?? I know for sure that would rather deal with a member here then the other corvette sight. Thanks Alan
  18. kingman

    Buying, selling and trading ???

    Hi Why is that nobody try's to sell, buy or trade here?? While l look at the other forum l just feel that the people lurking there are not the kind of people that l would want to deal with. Now l'm not saying that all of them are like that but again there are an awful lot of them. I'm...
  19. kingman

    How Will Corvette Attract Younger Buyers To Continue Decades Long Customer Base?

    This is so true!!!!!!!!!! Right now l was thinking about trading my C5 for a C5 vert or a C6 vert but before l even tried l asked my nephews if any of them had any interest. The vette is a low mileage garage queen anyway they all said that they loved my vette but it is not for them because...
  20. kingman

    Corvette C7 rendered by avarvarii

    Drop Dead Awesome This l would buy for sure. Never liked the C6 in fact l am buying another C5 so0 that when the time comes l can move right over to the C7 But l read that it was delayed another couple of years
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