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  1. rickreeves1

    Question: Will opening up an exhaust cause power loss?

    Impressing friends with exhaust? Do you have a big wing to go with that? :ugh Some people are waxers and some like to go fast. It's not always about the sound or looks. IMO
  2. rickreeves1

    Question: Will opening up an exhaust cause power loss?

    :eyerole This statement is spreading false information. This one makes more sense. :beer
  3. rickreeves1

    New cam video

    It feels even better than I expected. I was finally able to get a video. Anyone know how to embed a Youtube video on this forum? YouTube - 1995 LT1 Corvette LE cam 226/234 565/565 109 LSA Thanks
  4. rickreeves1

    Bolt On Horsepower Calculation

    According to Mid America I have a Gazillion horsepower. Dyno it. :thumb
  5. rickreeves1

    1/4 Mile times for the LT1 (92-96)

    1995 stock 1/4 mile My first time ever down the quarter was several years ago in my 1995 convertible. This was at Miss Gulfport Dragway. It was summer so the temperature was in the 90's. The car was completely stock including paper air filter, street tires, spare tire, and jack. It had about...
  6. rickreeves1

    Orange Peel on 07 C6

    You should be happy with your crappy paint job. :D I've heard of people paying 10k to 20k for a professional paint job on their late 50's to early 60's Vette. Then later having it stripped for a worse paint job so it would look factory and pass inspection. :beer
  7. rickreeves1

    For all your HP goodies!!!

    I have their headers on mine.
  8. rickreeves1

    New Member From Louisiana

    I am in Metairie since Katrina but originally from Chalmette. Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays. :)
  9. rickreeves1

    Rumor Mill: V6 Corvette is Coming

    Thats about as dumb as a Porche BUV. Sorry Porche fans.
  10. rickreeves1

    New Member From Louisiana

    Hello All, I have been a member of the Corvette Forum for a few years now. I see that there are a lot of friends already here from the other forum. I have been to this site many times but for some reason I never signed up. I look forward to being a member. See link to website for pics and...
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