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    Restoration Guides

    I think you may be disappointed in that book for what you're looking for. Its great for describing the details if you're into NCRS resto and has some excellent pics, but doesn't get into the "how to" of any repairs or restoration. Here's a couple that may help... "How to Restore and Modify...
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    airconditioner removal

    No problems at all. But don't stop there with just the compressor. Try removing the condensor in front of the radiator, too. But I think you need to remove the hood to do that. You MIGHT be able to slide the condensor out from below if you remove the valance down there, but I'm not sure...
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    Defrost/Heater/Vent Control

    Bob, The source vacuum line for the a/c controls comes off a tee in a vacuum line that comes off your manifold tee behind the carb. The tee should be located next to the brake booster. It is a hard plastic part. The line for the a/c controls is a tiny hard plastic tube that looks like a wire...
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    78 L48 Slight hesitation

    Paul, Its very easy to check the accelerator pump in the carb. With the engine warm and off, simply remove the air cleaner lid, and while looking straight down into the primary barrels, snap open the throttle. You should see a good squirt of gas going into the carb. No squirt = bad accel pump...
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    heater core replacement

    I almost feel like an expert here. I've done this job twice! Learned on my friend's 76 and then did my own 77 during my engine compartment resto. Its really not that bad. 1) Plan on a full day. 2) Get your core from The Last Detail or GM. The one I ordered from one of the other big name...
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    Anyone using Holley Pro-Jection?

    Thinking about scrapping my stock q-jet in favor of holley pro-jection 2-bbl system (#502-20S). Basically, I want fool-proof, long lasting driveability and better fuel economy. Something I'm not getting with my 24 yr old q-jet. Was just wondering if anyone is using that system and if it has...
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    The importance of owner history

    Thanks guys! Great stories, one and all! Wavin from Wildwood! :w
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    Help! My 82 failed the emmisions test

    What about the cat? Do those things go bad over time? Or just over a lot of miles? Also, find out what "standard" you are supposed to meet. I don't know about CT but IL has lower standards for old cars (no dyno run, just idle test). Just a couple thoughts... cuz "i know nothing" (schultz...
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    The importance of owner history

    This one is for all you prospective buyers out there, even if you already own one, and simply want to "trade up", so to speak. When I was shopping last summer, high on my list of questions was "What do you know about the history of the car?" I felt this was really important. I wanted to know...
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    Buying First Corvette

    No way to trace VIN CarFax only goes back to 81 when VINs were standardized. The only way to trace owner history is to start with current owner and work your way back. Not easy. People move. People forget. When I was looking, obtaining "owner history" was very high on my list. Not...
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    Heater core shut off valve

    In a stock setup, there should be a control valve on the supply hose coming off the manifold. It is vacuum controlled by a switch mounted on top of the air distributor box behind the passenger dash pad. The vacuum line exits the firewall to the right of the distributor in the same grommet that...
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    Brake Fluid ?

    Whenever the subject of brake fluid comes up, I am always compelled to mention not mixing DOT 5 with anything else, or you will ruin your system as the #5, when mixed with #3 or 4, will form a sludge and could result in total brake failure and will definitely require a complete rebuild. Just a...
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    Post Heater Core Replacement

    It won't evaporate and it leaves this slimy residue (happened in my blazer). Use some soap and water to clean the carpet and replace the padding since that probably soaked through. Dawn dishwashing soap works good. I suppose you could also just wash the padding and let it dry. Either way, it...
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    A/C drier replacement

    Oh yeah, I would stick with an OEM unit from ZIP or one of the suppliers. I'm pretty sure they sell them.
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    A/C drier replacement

    Assuming yours is similar to my 77, the way to get at this a little easier is from underneath. Remove the dust shield behind the wheel well. Put the car on stands so you can get under it. You may also have to remove the coolant recovery tank and set it aside. I think there is a bracket that...
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    Adding A/C to my 77 Vette

    I suspect you have almost no choice but to go with an original installation. The biggest areas of concern are the evaporator case, fan case, distributor box and ductwork. You may need to cut a larger hole in the firwall for the evap case/dist box. And, I'm not sure if your fan mounting stud &...
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    How do they hold up to today's automobiles?

    I know some people do, but I would never use my C3 as a daily driver. These are old cars, and need lots of TLC. Driving them every day is punishing. Just my .02 cents here. I'm pretty sure you have emissions testing but I don't know how stringent they are with inspections. Just be careful...
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    Thermostat gauge

    You probably need a new temp sending unit, or the wiring connection to the current unit is bad. Pull the wire, check for corrosion. The sending unit screws into the block on the left side near the front (under the #1 and 3 plugs). There is a simple adjustment screw to set the idle speed on...
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    found a 78 Pacecar for sale, good investment?

    Newbie here, too. First post... Check this car out real good. That price seems awfully low for a pace car. Don't buy it to use as your daily driver. As you should know, these old vettes need lots of tlc. Do your research so you know what to look for, or take it to somebody who does. And...
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