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  1. B17Crew

    Tell me about the Copper Metallic Paint Color on the 1994

    It just dawned on me, it was a little over 10 years ago that I last responded to this thread! :L Time does fly. B17Crew :w
  2. B17Crew

    Tell me about the Copper Metallic Paint Color on the 1994

    Only 3 ’94 copper verts with six-speed, few and far between for sure! B17Crew :w
  3. B17Crew

    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    That’s a very nice ’84. Great story on the OEM rims, they look great on the car. B17Crew :w
  4. B17Crew

    Dwindling Availability of Tires

    Hi, 93Rubie. I took a look at the Continental Extreme Contact DW’s and read several reviews, I liked what read. Would you happen to know if the Conti’s fill out the C4s wheel wells as well as the old GSCs did? I have seen C4s that have replacement tires on stock sawblades and they just didn’t...
  5. B17Crew

    Dwindling Availability of Tires

    Thanks for the specs stang-etr. I should have clarified that I have the FE1 setup. That is great info on the C5 rims, I've seen a few C4s with C5 rims and they look pretty good. B17Crew :w
  6. B17Crew

    Dwindling Availability of Tires

    Completely agree, the selection is not what it used to be. I’m on the backorder list for GY GS-D3s at all four corners, 96 LT4 stock wheel configuration (Nitto's are my plan B). Holding out for the GYs for their wet weather capability and their aesthetically "beefy" appearance. Purely...
  7. B17Crew

    L88 Coming Back?

    Agreed, it would have to be beyond anything that has come before, the L88 is hallowed ground. B17Crew :w
  8. B17Crew

    Scores of new chevys stored for decades

    It blows my mind that there are cars stored away like this, some for over 50 years! Really liked the video, first time the Cameo had seen light for quite a while. Great collection of vehicles, be nice to see what else they had stored away. B17Crew :w
  9. B17Crew

    Corvette Racing at Le Mans: Six-Hour Report

    Nice to be able to flip back and forth between the dash cams on 73 & 74. I can study and watch the race at the same time! http://stream.speedtv.com/corvette That is very sad news about the Aston driver, just terrible. B17 Crew
  10. B17Crew

    News: Fleet of Corvettes grant dying wish of cancer patient

    This is beyond cool, what a great thing this group did. B17Crew :w
  11. B17Crew

    New member in Gainesville 96 LT4

    Congrats on your LT4! B17Crew :w
  12. B17Crew

    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Buzzes About New Stingray: Rob Loszewski

    That was great hearing how the CAC started, I was not aware that it stemmed from a five page website, and a student project at that! This forum has always been quality driven and it continues show. B17Crew :w
  13. B17Crew

    REMO has passed

    I am sad to learn of Remo’s passing. It was a blessing that his son was able to be there with him, that was probably a great comfort to him. My condolences to his loved one’s. I can recall the first time I corresponded with Remo many years ago about driving Corvette’s in the snow! I always got a...
  14. B17Crew

    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    Glad to see this thread still going, lots of nice C4’s.:cool Frontal shot of my ’96 LT4. B17Crew :w
  15. B17Crew

    2014 Camaro Z/28 the Most Track-capable Camaro Ever

    These comparison numbers really put things in perspective. B17Crew :w
  16. B17Crew

    Corvette Magazine, June'13 issue Page 47.

    I really like Richard Prince’s photography style. In Vol. 79 of Corvette Magazine (pgs. 62-63) he photographed a ’63 SWC that I would like to frame. Every time I see a stunning photo of a Vette I like, it has been his camera work that has caught my eye. I checked out the Vette magazine link you...
  17. B17Crew

    Corvette Magazine, June'13 issue Page 47.

    That is one nice GS! I was admiring the photos of your car and thinking how cool it must be to have a GS in the stable. Corvette Magazine has become come my favorite Corvette publication. They do a great job covering all of the generations and have not left any out in the cold like some of the...
  18. B17Crew

    The Corvette Action Center Loses a Family Member

    I was saddened to learn of Jane Ann’s passing. I had never met her, but her genuineness and open personality came across uninhibited. She always delivered kind words and comments and had a lot of enthusiasm to share. I will miss seeing her taking care of business here on the CAC. God bless her...
  19. B17Crew

    LT4 New LT4

    Congratulations on the LT4, it’s a great motor. The CE package always catches my eye when I see one in traffic. I’ve had my LT4 for 15 years and it still puts a smile on my face. B17Crew :w
  20. B17Crew

    My Impressions: 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray

    I enjoyed this writeup and will be looking forward to your in-depth article! B17Crew :w
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