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  1. Mike Zarnock

    Fall in the Adorandaks

    Somehow I missed this post.... Yes, we know a few Longo's. My wife went to school with Jim.
  2. Mike Zarnock

    New Callaway C16 Makes World Debut

    For some reason, it looks a lot like a Maserati to me.... But what do I know. I'm still driving a C4. Mike
  3. Mike Zarnock

    Real bad spark knock, then Service light?

    No, I have gotten so good at it that I can throw the car in neutral while I am still going, turn it off, then restart it and go. I have also had another shop look at it and came up with the same thing, there are a lot of things that "MAY" be causing the light to come on.
  4. Mike Zarnock

    Real bad spark knock, then Service light?

    I left it at the shop, (since I do not mess with this computer sh#t). They did the tests, they drove it got it to do it and still no code..... Maybe another shop?
  5. Mike Zarnock

    Real bad spark knock, then Service light?

    I have a 91 Coupe that will spark knock real bad when warm. When it does, the "Service Engine" light will come on. The car will loose power, like you have the break on. You have to pull over and stop. If you turn it off and restart it, the light will go off and it will run fine for a while. It...
  6. Mike Zarnock

    "merry christmas guys/girls" from glen/Australia

    :w ....and a Happy Holiday Season to you and your's also!
  7. Mike Zarnock

    Very, very tempted

    Man, if we have one Corvette at the Chevy dealer we're doing well, let alone rows of different colors. As far as buying the car, do what I did, I just came home and said, "Happy Birthday Honey!" It worked, but now I have to ask her when I want to drive "Her" car. ;)
  8. Mike Zarnock


    If you want the most octane for the best performance, all you need is Sunoco 94. You don't need Aviation fuel unless you're running 13:1 compression. Even if you were using that much compression on the street, methanol would be best and cheaper too.
  9. Mike Zarnock

    Some videos from the past year

    They not only look good, but run good too! High 12's is a very real respectable time. I can see mid to low 12's with a little more bite and some higher shift points. Thanx for sharing!
  10. Mike Zarnock

    Went for my Saturday morning drive

    You guys must not have any salt on your roads out there. Here in New York all you have to do is drive a Corvette for one winter and the bottoms of the doors rot out, the frame under the doors start to go because the salt goes in the holes on either side of the door. We have lots of cars that...
  11. Mike Zarnock

    Citizen's Arrest!

    OK, I found a couple pic's of the `79 when it was done and believe me, it didn't look like this when I got it.
  12. Mike Zarnock

    anyone driving 11" 50mm offset wheels/ 315/35 ZR 17" tires

    $150.00? I think the gear change will be easier and cheaper. LOL I'll have to look and see what I can find. Thanx again for the help! Mike
  13. Mike Zarnock

    anyone driving 11" 50mm offset wheels/ 315/35 ZR 17" tires

    Is that the gear in the transmission? I remember that's how I did it way back when. I will have to look up my rear gear and see what it is. I was hoping there was some sort of computer thing that could be changed. I want to go with the taller rear tire like the ZR-1. I haven't researched the...
  14. Mike Zarnock

    anyone driving 11" 50mm offset wheels/ 315/35 ZR 17" tires

    After you guys change the profile of the tire, how are you compensating the speedometer? I want to run a taller tire on the rear of mine to fill the wheelwell a little more and am worried about the diameter change. Michael
  15. Mike Zarnock

    Citizen's Arrest!

    That's how I found my first `79. It was sitting in a driveway for many years, just laying there wounded. The guy bought it new and just put gas in it until it wouldn't run any more. I brought it home, and started over. It ended up a very beautiful car. I actually cried the day I sold it. I was...
  16. Mike Zarnock

    How many miles do you put on per year?

    We put between 1000 and 2000 miles on our Corvette a year. The weather is a huge factor here in central NY. Our driving season is only from April or May to October. I try not to drive it in rainy weather either because it takes so much time to wash the engine compartment, inner fender wells and...
  17. Mike Zarnock

    Shudder going into high gear?

    Well, I got the car back on Friday and drove it all weekend. Man what a difference! It ended up being worn clutches and a bad seal. Cost $1200.00 for a complete rebuild along with remove and replace. ;)
  18. Mike Zarnock

    Radio/CD replacement?

    Thanx, I will do that. Mike
  19. Mike Zarnock

    Radio/CD replacement?

    YOU are the man!!!! Thanx! I knew somebody here would be able to help! I will pull that baby out and send it on its way. Man, that is great! Thanx again! ;)
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