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  1. rheavn

    Southern Car Parts

    Has anyone bought from this company? What was your experience--good or bad?
  2. rheavn

    Fan stays on until battery is dead

    Hopefully this will help you................................................. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=c7+corvette+radiator+fan+fuse&view=detail&mid=E2907DCCFC3115C381ADE2907DCCFC3115C381AD&FORM=VIRE
  3. rheavn

    Fan stays on until battery is dead

    I hope this answers your question. "The engine cooling fan system is composed of one electric cooling fan and a cooling fan control module. The engine control module (ECM) controls the fan speed by sending a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal to the cooling fan control module. The cooling fan...
  4. rheavn

    Service manual

    Any feedback on where to get a good service manual for a DIYer.
  5. rheavn

    Brownstone suede interior

    Obviously, the Brownstone interior is somewhat rare. The console lid is covered in alcantara. When the driver normally lays his arm on the lid as he drives, the cover gets dirty from body oils. The lid loses the suede look as sections get matted, filled with dirt and looks shiny. This was the...
  6. rheavn

    Brownstone suede interior

    Please share your experience in how you keep the suede clean & looking good. Thanks in advance............................
  7. rheavn

    Looking to upgrade C4 to C7

    My 2015 does not have a front camera.
  8. rheavn

    8 speed trans

    I had the flush & fluid change as preventative maintenance and cost was a little over $300.
  9. rheavn

    Haven't owned a Corvette since '75

    This is my third corvette. '63 split window, '72 and now a 2015. Love it so far! I did own a 2009 Cadillac XLR. Corvette is more comfortable, rides smoother and I don't hear as much road noise.
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