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  1. gq82

    Post pictures of your C3

    My 71 Frame off Restored NCRS Top Flight 2003 Featured in the May 04 Edition of Corvette Enthusiast
  2. gq82

    1970 Ontario Orange (RPO 991)

    Looks like the NCRS board answered your question.
  3. gq82

    White smoke

    If it's really white and does not go away and there's a sweet smell then you probably have a blown head gasket.....sorry to say.
  4. gq82

    New Shocks for an 82

    Replaced mine with Gabriel Gas Ryder's.....great improvement!!
  5. gq82

    Help please - looking at 1st Corvette

    RUN, don't walk away unless you have unlimited funds and or are experienced in engine, trans, suspension, frame, fiberglass repair, and painting just to name a few areas this car probably needs attention to. I've read the smartest thing to do when buying a used car (and a 30 yr one at that) is...
  6. gq82

    Hot Air At Feet

    Thanks for the kind words Chris, and yes with the air on it does get frosty inside. I agree, everything has to be there and function properly for the interior to be comfortable. I also agree the earlier cars have a heat problem. A friend has a 69 and it is hotter than, well you know, with...
  7. gq82

    Hot Air At Feet

    I don't know but when I push my function control (air, vent, heat) all the way to the left "off" the blower fan stops and I get no air flow through any vent. With the temp function control also pushed to the left "cold" I don't get hot air from my vents (when in vent mode) as this turns off the...
  8. gq82

    Mounted Seat Covers

    There are two sets of clips along each side of the seat back. You must squeeze the cushion together (like an accordion) to release it from the clips and to reinstall.. The seat bottom has similar clips but I don't recall where they are located. Hope this helps.
  9. gq82

    cooling lines leaking

    I had the same problem a while back and all I did was get a 90 degree ratchet screw driver and tighten the clamp.
  10. gq82

    1980 T-top

    There's a set for sale on Ebay, with it looks like no reserve: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/ebayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=576502748&r=0&t=0
  11. gq82

    oil cooler pipes

    Had the same problem. Bought a ratchet 90 degree screw driver to tighten clamp...no more leak.
  12. gq82

    Outer air box assembly

    You could try these two: www.corvette-specialist.com & www.TracyVette.com
  13. gq82

    Alloy Wheel Plastic coating

    Mid America sells a clear coat removal kit for $39.95, item # 17748. Tel # 800-500-8388. I used 00 steel wool and a heavy duty wheel polish to remove the clear coat from my wheels because the CE wheels are also painted and I did not want to disturb that part of the wheel.
  14. gq82

    82 owners manual

    Quick there is one on Ebay right now, auction ends in about 20 min. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1125681577 or take your time on this one http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1127924092
  15. gq82

    Delco Battery

    I checked with all the above re-manufactures of batteries as well as Delco and they all said the same thing. The Freedom II battery is not being made at this time, maybe in the near future but they need more demand for them. I wanted one as I'm having my 82 flight judged this year. I had to...
  16. gq82

    what rpm is an 82 supposed to idle at

    Twinnie thanks....she runs real strong...never misses a beat.
  17. gq82

    82 vette back drop

    I don't know, mine doesn't really squat much at all. I have the optional FE7 suspension which might explain it especially if you have the glass mono rear leaf spring which might cause more squat on take off.
  18. gq82

    what rpm is an 82 supposed to idle at

    When cold mine idles at or above 1000 rpm, but once warm it idles at a rock steady 500 rpm.
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