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  1. 9340Ruby

    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!

    Happy 20th! Thanks for the wonderful site!
  2. 9340Ruby

    40th Anniversary Survey of owners

    63000 miles, ragtop/hardtop,owned for 7 1/2 years.
  3. 9340Ruby

    40th Anniversary Rear Window

    Yeah, all 1993 convertibles had plastic but they were changed to glass in 1994. Either way, no one knows when the top is down!!!
  4. 9340Ruby

    Help! AC stuck in default mode

    That's the only problem with these Automatic A/C systems. Sometimes the blenders will get stuck and only stay in one position such as in your case defrost. I have had this happen as well. I disconnected my battery and then reconnected and that worked but it can be a different case on yours...
  5. 9340Ruby

    40th Anniversary Just bought a Ruby

    Congratulations and welcome to the Ruby Family! Definitely post pics when you can.
  6. 9340Ruby

    Help! power problems.....security?

    Sounds like progress! Yes, you should hear the pump prime when you first turn the ignition switch on to crank it. If it is the fuel pump, then it is not that hard of a job to replace.
  7. 9340Ruby

    Service ASR light

    I had the same code and had the ASR service light on as well. The car ran perfect for a long time. I did not want to just through parts at it. After approximately several months of the ASR light on, my car ran perfect but would not restart when hot. The injectors were not spraying, the...
  8. 9340Ruby

    starts then dies

    I had the same symptoms on my '93. It was the fuel pump for me. Hopefully you figure it out.
  9. 9340Ruby

    Manual fuel pump

    I agree, I have had many Q-jets even on my boat and has always performed well if maintained and tuned correctly.
  10. 9340Ruby

    Finally Bought A "ZR1"

    Very nice! I know you will have a lot of conversations about this at Bowling Green:)
  11. 9340Ruby

    40th Anniversary Survey of owners

    Roadster Roadster, Auto, 62,000 Had for almost 4 years.
  12. 9340Ruby

    Jewel in a Barn

    Nice! Enjoy!
  13. 9340Ruby

    40th Anniversary 40th collectables

    I sent you a PM
  14. 9340Ruby

    FS: OEM 40th Ruby Mats

    Do you still have the mats?
  15. 9340Ruby

    Question: 1993 with 700R4

    My 1993 did the same thing with about 50,000 on it. I changed my filter and fluid and have not seen the problem since at 60,000. I am not telling you this is your problem but it definitely helped mine. BK
  16. 9340Ruby

    40th Anniversary Ruby Red Sport seats for sale

    I have a pair of driver and passenger Ruby Red Sport seats from my 60,000 mile '93 anniversary vette. I have replaced them with newer ones. I am looking to sale them. The bolster motors and lumbar do not work. The seats are in great shape but have the common rub marks on the drivers seat...
  17. 9340Ruby

    C4 Frame Brace delayed

    It attaches with bolts to the frame. Chevy did this on the convertible models to stiffen the ride since the soft top does not provide much. They are two steel braces that cross and are bolted in the center of the cross. They are heavy though, as I found out when I changed my transmission fluid...
  18. 9340Ruby

    C4 Frame Brace delayed

    Yeah, sure...I believe that is with any Corvette. :)
  19. 9340Ruby

    C4 Frame Brace delayed

    Well, Chevrolet did it on the convertible. The x-brace on mine is installed as to not lose any ground clearance and still stiffen the ride.
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