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    adjustable fuel regulater

    Holley is the best and comes with a new diaphram. You'll need a security Torx bit from NAPA to remove the old one.
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    How to clean the Fog light lens??

    In order to get at the fog lamp housing, the front bumper cover has to be removed. Mine are staying dirty for now
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    who makes the best diagnostic software?

    Criag moates has free software for the 165 ecm used in 86-89 and it's free. www.moates.net
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    Special steering column tools needed?

    You can buy the pivot pin removal tool from Harbour Freight. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=43072
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    ACCEL Long-Tube Runners - Cold Start Plug

    You can get the fuel rail plug for $15 here www.tunedport.com It alot cheaper than the accel plug.
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    Fan Switch Overide , 3 Bucks!

    The other relay is behind the battery.
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    timing advancement questions

    Could your harmonic balancer be slipping? It is two pieces of metal seperated by rubber and can move with age thereby moving the timing mark.
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    Generic Keyless Entry

    There is a switch built into the key door lock. When it is unlocked, it grounds the TDM at pin H. Only turning the key does this, sliding the lock lever or using the power door lock switch won't.
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    Generic Keyless Entry

    I don't know if your year has the same Theft Deterent Module that the 85 has but it might be similar. What I did was connect a diode (1N4001) to the unlock trigger on the keyless entry and to the disarm input on th TDM (lt green wire - 'H' on connector) A shop manual would help you find the...
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    90 L98 won't idle worth a @#!%&#

    Sounds like the O2 sensor.
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    Plug wire retainers..

    I have six brand new 2 wire retainers #12043158. I decided to route my wires differently so I never used them. If you would like to buy them, send an email to wn@csi.com.
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