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  1. Baldie88

    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!

    Congratulations Rob! Although I don't visit very often now, CAC was instrumental in helping me with various problems with my 1988 when I bought it in 2001. I still see some familiar names when I log on. Thank you for providing all the help throughout the past 20 years! Ron aka Baldie88
  2. Baldie88

    Help! Reindexing Windows

    Thanks for the help guys. After holding the window up longer as suggested it appears to have solved my problem (everything else I had found said to hold it up for 3-5 seconds). And the radio does go off when the door is opened so that seems to be working fine also. CAC was a big help to me...
  3. Baldie88

    Help! Reindexing Windows

    I recently changed the battery on my 2016 vert (a whole other story). I've got all my setting back but I can't get the windows to reindex (goes down about 1/8 inch when you open and close the doors). The procedure I have is to just put the ignition in the 'on' position. Put down the drivers...
  4. Baldie88

    1988 Corvette For Sale

    Sorry Harvick but the car is gone. Sold it in January.
  5. Baldie88

    Key Fob Problems

    Mystery solved. Replaced batteries and car starts fine now. Interesting that they both died on the same day and I did not get a weak battery indication. I never had to replace a battery after two years. I guess I'll have to put the fobs on a battery tender also.:eyerole
  6. Baldie88

    Key Fob Problems

    I have a 2016 and run into my first problem. Suddenly the remote key fobs are not being recognized. Car will start if I put the fob into the pocket on the steering column. All other functions seem to work (door locks, etc.) Everything worked fine 2 days ago. I have the problem with both...
  7. Baldie88

    A reintroduction - sort of

    I bought my first Corvette, a red/red 1988 in Oct 2001. I joined CAC shortly. I learned a lot of things about my car and had many wonderful people help me with problems along the way. When I was working I had many "opportunities" to frequently check CAC to keep up with everyone and swap...
  8. Baldie88

    1988 Corvette For Sale

    I'm going to pull the plug and get a C7 so I am putting up my 1988 red/red Corvette. I am the 4th owner and it has 67XXX original miles. It's about 90-95% original. I replaced the exhaust system shortly after getting it and maybe some other minor items. Less than 1000 miles on new tires. I...
  9. Baldie88

    Tire Recommendation

    First off I'm sorry I haven't been around here in a long time. When I worked I had an office job so I was able to check CAC several times a day. Now that I'm retired I avoid computers and have many activities and grandkids to fill my days. I'm way busier than I ever thought I would be. That...
  10. Baldie88

    Help! Another headlight question

    First off I apologize for not being on here much. When I was working I had an office job and had plenty of time to keep up with all the CAC happenings. Since I retired about 18 months ago I'm way to busy with other things to spend much time on a computer. I HIGHLY recommend retirement but...
  11. Baldie88

    Raffle Winner at NCM

    First off I apologize for not being on CAC much. Who know retirement would keep me so busy? Anyway I'm very happy and busy and thoroughly enjoying retirement. Anyway I thought I would tell you a story about one of our club members. Jerry was an early Corvette racer and there are some rumors...
  12. Baldie88

    Question: Any Portable Generator Recommendations

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm still undecided on how much I want to power but I know I don't want a whole house generator system. Brother-in-law has one only because his basement got flooded 3 times during power outages. Something I didn't think about was the use of a good power cord. I'll...
  13. Baldie88

    Question: Any Portable Generator Recommendations

    First off, I haven't been on here for a while. Retired at the beginning of the year and have been busier than heck with family and things around the house. I thought I'd have more time but working on the house and family seems to eat up all my time. I need to go back to work so I have more...
  14. Baldie88

    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Celebrates 15 Years

    Congratulations Rob!! I joined in March 2002 and CAC has always been my go-to website. I've learned a lot along the way and met many wonderful and helpful folks. Ron "Baldie88"
  15. Baldie88

    The Corvette Action Center Suffers a Loss

    I'll just echo what many of you have already said. Bud was a true gentleman and always helped me whenever I asked. I just keep thinking of those I've met here on CAC that are no longer with us. Makes me sad. Ron "Baldie88"
  16. Baldie88

    Not really leaving but ...

    Well this is my first time back on CAC since I retired. I retired shortly before Christmas and with all the holiday parties and such going on I figured I'd relax after the first of the year. Prior to retiring my wife and I decided to have our basement finished due to the growing number of...
  17. Baldie88

    Pay Fines Based On Your Ability

    Those of us in the St. Louis area are still being inundated daily with the fall out of the Michael Brown shooting. There is a big push now to erase the records of any "peaceful" protester who was arrested. We still have to deal with daily protests blocking streets and buildings in downtown St...
  18. Baldie88

    Not really leaving but ...

    I am retiring next week and probably won't be checking CAC as much. Since I bought my 1988 about 13 years ago, one of the first things I do when I get to work is check CAC. I don't post much but do check it every day to gain all the knowledge that is available from everyone here. Little did I...
  19. Baldie88

    The Tail to be safer...

    Good to know. My club is doing the Tail in July and I'm still trying to decide if I want to do it. Not as comfortable a trip in my C4 since everyone else will be in a C6 or C7. They are also scheduled to visit the Biltmore mansion and Rick Hendricks' museum so it will be a good trip. Ron...
  20. Baldie88

    "Corvette Canvas"

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I hope that crap washes off! In fact, I'll wash it off if I can keep the car. :D Ron "Baldie88"
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