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  1. Tman08

    GT1: Spa 24 Hours

    Hello everyone, I would like to let everyone know that this coming weekend is the the FIA GT's big event, the Spa 24 Hours in Belgium. Corvette Motorsport will serve as "Corvette HQ" in regards to live coverage throughout the week. Some things that will be on the website include live timing...
  2. Tman08

    New Callaway Competition Site now available!

    For those interested, Callaway Competition has a new website for your enjoyment. While there be sure to check out the media section for a special promotional video of the Z06R GT3 Vette exclusive to the site. www.callawaycars.de
  3. Tman08

    Callaway Z06R-GT3 wins back to back 1-2 in Brno!!

    Amazing stuff this weekend for the Z06R GT3, after both races saw back-to-back 1-2 finishes in Brno. A video review of race 1 can be found Here
  4. Tman08

    Corvette Racing European news...

    For those who are interested there is an FIA GT Review of Adria now up Here This site is the unofficial official European Corvette Racing site and offers everything there is to know about the Vettes competing in Europe. :beer
  5. Tman08

    Ron Kimball takes pictures of Callaway C16

    LOL well if i did that before Pebble Beach then these images would be the LAST i get before something is revealed by Callaway...sorry :cool Once its announced ill be more than happy to show you my early images....
  6. Tman08

    Ron Kimball takes pictures of Callaway C16

    I prefer my C16 roadster images i have...much nicer to look at in my opinion....im surprised i haven seen a thread for it on here....
  7. Tman08

    Belcar Corvette Z06R-GT3 livery revealed!

    This week was the unveiling of the new PK Carsport Z06-R GT3 vette. For those of you who aren't familiar with Corvettes European involvement in GT3, Callaway Competition (based in Germany) builds these cars from the original Z06 body into GT3 spec cars. At the moment, the Z06-R will be competing...
  8. Tman08

    Ron Fellows Championship Z06 And Indy Pace Car Replica Convertible Editions Make 2007

    I think the US owners should be lucky....Europe is only getting 33 cars....but their plus is that they get a special package not in the states....which i think will make it more personal and enjoyable....:w
  9. Tman08

    Ron Fellows Championship Z06 And Indy Pace Car Replica Convertible Editions Make 2007

    Its nice to see the final version of the Z06.... After doing some pre-vis work on it personally, i'm overall very pleased at the way it came out....although the car is a ron fellows edition, it will have a Le Mans theme for when its released in Europe (not the name, only what the package...
  10. Tman08

    Prototype ZR-1 wheels

    These two rear 17"x11" wheels were delivered on the 1989 prototype Morrison ZR1 Record Car EX5669 . This car is now in the National Corvette Museum. The wheels are date coded September and December 1988. No production 1989 ZR1 was ever built. Instead this car was introduced in 1990 to...
  11. Tman08

    Prototype ZR-1 wheels

  12. Tman08

    Prototype ZR-1 wheels

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here is interested in some wheels (2) that im looking to sell that were used on a prototype ZR-1 from 1989? *heres the car as well as some info on what car: now please note that the wheels im selling are not from this particular car, but from another 1989...
  13. Tman08

    Pictures of the Silver Corvette SS Have Been Faked?

    Well if you think about it...normally any prototype driver that saw a camera would instantly downshift and get out of there...instantly...the pictures i saw of this, the drivers face looked like he welcomed the picture.....that threw me into believing it was not something gm would do. At one...
  14. Tman08

    Sold Callaway/Picked up 06 C6

    Personally id choose either B&B (i believe they are on Mallett cars) or the callaway double d system: The reason I personally like these, is because they arent too loud like some of the more popular ones. These are more subtle but when your on the power it sounds good. Plus if you are on...
  15. Tman08

    C6 interior pictures desparately needed!

    I was wondering if you guys (or gals) might have any C6 coupe interior shots of this combination: Black coupe: black and ebony/red interior shots with carbon (similar to this image): As for the Yellow coupe, im looking for ebony grey/carbon interior (also a non transparent roof is better...
  16. Tman08

    Reliable 3rd-hand Rumour

    Dont you remember theres no Q in the new Bond movie......what times have changed.....did you guys know that a secret secret insider i have knows more about this than anyone here put together?:ugh I do and his name is.....woops i almost slipped there for a second...
  17. Tman08

    Corvette C5R for sale

    interesting....it seems like the C6R is now for sale as well.....looks like Mr Hezemans needs money for both new cars....
  18. Tman08

    Which modern Corvette magazine do you subscribe to or read?

    Is Corvette magazine "Vette"? if so i voted other since i didnt see it....Vette is better since they actually show some racing news from Europe like the GT3's and the C6R'S racing in FIA GT....better in my opinion....
  19. Tman08

    GLPK C6R 001 for sale

    Man...guess they really want some new C6R's bad.... As you might know the team is selling both their C5R and C6R to make room for some new Pratt Miller Chassis that are for sale...or so is the word going around...
  20. Tman08

    **my GLPK Carsport Corvette videos**

    Well i put another video up for you as well as all members to enjoy. Its shows just how much oil was put into the car. By the time the race was over, we had taken oil from every team along the paddock....45 gallons in total.....but the good ol chevy engine never missed a beat to finish on the...
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