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  1. CeeFive

    Mint one owner 2008 Z06!!!

    I have finally talked myself in to parting with my Z06. I ordered this car from McMulkin and it has spent its life mostly as a garage queen and frequenting car shows. This car has almost never failed to take a best in show in class trophy right up until 2 weeks ago so that should say a lot about...
  2. CeeFive

    Comp Gray Speedline OEM ZO6 wheels for sale

    I am selling my comp gray wheel from my ZO6. I bought them unused in the box and mounted them, drove about 50 miles and have now pulled them off. I am going with the larger cup wheels for a different look. These are Speedline OEM wheels with GM center caps. As with most of these wheels the caps...
  3. CeeFive

    Brand new "Smoothie" FRC's for ZO6 in VR

    Selling a new set of fuel rail covers done in Victory Red for a C6 ZO6 done by Kewl Corp. They were never installed on the car and are still in the box. These are the same Southern Car Parts sell for 319.00 plus shipping and a 4 week wait. You can have these now for 225.00 shipped. I dedcided...
  4. CeeFive

    Price of the 2009 ZR-1

    They have to ask near 100 grand for this car unless they are going to phase out the ZO6. 80,000 would be too close to the Z to where no-one would want a Z anymore. Everyone would go the extra to have the top dog.For them to have the third tier car in the lineup, if I had to guess, I would bet...
  5. CeeFive

    Need Help from Tall Guys

    I had talked to Vette Essentials one time about this and they told me that they carve some foam out of the seat and restretch the covers and you can gain 1 1/4" or so. I would talk to them if you go that way. It would not cost much, and you retain the stock seats. They said there was no...
  6. CeeFive

    Price increase on new ZO6

    They just announced the price increase on the new Z of over 3500. I wonder how this will affect the market?
  7. CeeFive

    Anyone not like the C6

    It's a ho-hum for me so far. I like the performance aspects of it, but interior and exterior are going to take a LOT of getting used to for me. Hoping the ZO6 is better, because that is what I am waiting for anyway.
  8. CeeFive

    Best price on Motorcity hood?

    Looking for the best price available on a Motorcity hood.
  9. CeeFive

    Long tube header gains vs problems

    I have an 02 coupe with Z catbacks and a Blackwing and I am thinking of installing the best headers I can get, either LG or TPIS.I also need to get the best high flow cats that will not alter emissions. I am wondering what I can realisticaly expect to gain with this setup and what the problems...
  10. CeeFive

    Z06 Roadster

    Hey, What do you guys think of the new Cadillac CTS-V featured in Road and Track this month? They had no problem sticking the LS6 in that car but don't feel as they can offer it in all models of the Vette. :( The new C6 is NOT enough for me even if it is equal to the C5 ZO6 because the Z car...
  11. CeeFive

    What is THE best battery?

    Hey Glenn, I thought the optimas were "gel type" batteries and some people telling me they won't hold a charge as long? My car is an 02 with 4200 miles, so it sits a lot. (Wiped down after every drive etc.) No extra electrical stuff on it. I just don't feel like constantly plugging it in. Still...
  12. CeeFive

    Z06 Roadster

    I definitely see a C6 in my future. Still have my fingers crossed on an open air Z car. It's not too late to change their minds or offer other options. My order is down the minute I see anything like that on the C6. The option still remains on cutting the roof if need be, but I really want the...
  13. CeeFive

    front license plate on a C6?

    I'm hoping that the ZO6 is going to have different front end treatment. It has been hinted that the Z is going to be more of a departure from the base car than the C5 was, and hopefully will be a bit more aggressive. It is the only C6 I am interested in at this point anyway. Here is the chance...
  14. CeeFive

    What is THE best battery?

    Mostly,I want a battery that will start the car after sitting for a few weeks at a time. My car is an 02 coupe and I just turned 4600 miles, so you can see its a fair weather bird.( Someone will get a nice coupe if I like the C6 Z) I also want a battery that has no chance of leakage. When I...
  15. CeeFive

    Convertible Z06

    I hope its a fastback as some have stated. That way, I guess I can hit the aftermarket guys and have it turned into a coupe, because frankly fo that little extra stiffness you get in the FRC body, I could care less. I am not competing.
  16. CeeFive

    What is THE best battery?

    Whats the difference between the red top and the yellow top?
  17. CeeFive

    What is THE best battery?

    Come spring I am looking to change my battery for something good. Still get that "Charge system fault" every now and then and it has been to the dealer twice. They tightened up the connection below the battery but say all else looks good. It seems to come up when I have not driven the car for a...
  18. CeeFive

    painted brake calipers

    Are you painting around the existing white letters on the calipers or are you re-painting the letters white after the red is on? Thanks
  19. CeeFive

    Winter storage questions

    I want to get my C5 off the concrete floor for the winter months. I live in a coastal area where there is a slim, but real possibility of water getting in the garage in the event of a really serious storm. It has happened before.(About 3 inches during a Northeaster with extreme high tide) I...
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