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    I did not see the policeman Should I have had chains on?

    Jack, You should think about getting one of those GoPro cameras. You can attach it anywhere and keep both hands on the wheel. I would think it a bit difficult to video, steer and shift at the same time.... One of the guys in our "unorganized" group uses it on all our cruises. Takes excellent...
  2. Subfixer

    Tach Drive distributor

    Yeah.... And the tach is still working :thumb
  3. Subfixer

    Corvette Pickup

    I saw one of those about 10 years ago. I believe there was an outfit somewhere that made the conversion kit. I think its one of the same places that made the Cadillac pickup conversion kits.
  4. Subfixer

    64 Differential rebuild almost done.

    All done. Pick it up tomorrow. Looks great! Insides... From this..... To this..... Gary was even able to save my original metal vent. I didn't want one of the new plastic ones. He installed it in the new Muskegon rear cover.
  5. Subfixer

    64 Differential rebuild almost done.

    Sent my diff to Gary R (gtr1999) for a rebuild as it was getting a bit noisy at the end of last year. So far, he found that it was all original, even the seals. Pretty good for a Nov 63 built 220,000+ mile rear. Bad news.... the only thing salvageable is the outer case. Original Dana 44...
  6. Subfixer

    Anyone Install a 700R4 in a midyear?

    These work for my sidepipes....... Cheaper than a new trans. QuietComfort 15 - Noise Cancelling Headphones - Bose Headsets and Headphones
  7. Subfixer

    Question: How is the 64 Radiator held in place?

    The Birthdate calculator on the C2 Registry puts the manufacture date at 10 Oct 1963 (12 days before mine). The Corvette C2 Registry
  8. Subfixer

    Question: 365/327 & gear ratios

    I'm running an NOM 327/365 in my 64 with M20 wide ratio and 3.36 rear. As stated above, the car does not have a lot of low end torque like the original 327/300 did. The low first gear of the M20 helps. When I'm doing some "spirited" cruising with other corvette guys, I have to keep it down...
  9. Subfixer

    Clutch Pivot Ball for ZZ502s

    Look up user Viet Nam Vette. He put a 502 in his 65 coupe a few years back. He probably can answer your pulley question also. I think he used a March setup.
  10. Subfixer

    Rhoads Lifters

    I've used them for years in many different engines. They really give back the low end torque to a radical hydraulic cam. Only drawback is that they calm down the cool sounding lopey idle, but they do sound like solid lifters at idle.
  11. Subfixer

    Want a C1 old race car?

    If it's from LMC, most of us can't afford it.
  12. Subfixer

    Question: Is Your Fiber Glass Baby Sleeping Yet?

    Still cruisin'.... Driving down to LI today to take part in a cruise tomorrow. For the curious, Cruise details here....http://forums.corvetteforum.com/showthread.php?t=2139165
  13. Subfixer

    '64 365Hp Motor

    Mine is set up this way. The only problem was finding all the correct pulleys. You will need the pulley setup for a 65 L79 with Power steering. Both the crank pulley and water pump pulley will change. If you still have the idler pulley and bracket, they will have to be removed to install...
  14. Subfixer

    Question: 63-64 Vette Owners - Manual Drum Brakes

    I'm not sure why you have to stand on the brakes to stop.... They are the same brakes that were used to stop a 63-64 Impala. My non-power drums will just about put my eyeballs on the dashboard as long as I don't lock up the tires. I use stock brake shoes, no special compounds. Sounds like...
  15. Subfixer

    Question: power steering...

    I got my entire system from Volunteer Vette. http://www.volvette.com/PS83A.html LICS also has one. http://www.licorvette.com/pdfcatalogfiles/cat/40%2041.pdf They all use the same parts. Just need to make sure you get the correct pulleys for your application.
  16. Subfixer

    New Lift has Arrived!!

    I used this door opener from Wayne-Dalton: http://www.wayne-dalton.com/idrive_Torsion.asp Didn't have to raise my doors, but my lift is in the back of the garage, so there was no interferance anyway.
  17. Subfixer

    New Lift has Arrived!!

    I've got the typical slope for drainage. No problems with the lift. I did shim it a bit more for peace of mind than operational necessity. Just didn't like the way it looked being a little off plumb.
  18. Subfixer

    New Lift has Arrived!!

    Sure, I'm off today Monday, 18 Feb. Usually home on the weekends also. I'll PM you my phone.
  19. Subfixer

    C1-C2 photos

    A couple from the Northeast.... Connecticut RT66 Pushing some newer glass.......... ;)
  20. Subfixer

    New Lift has Arrived!!

    I went Very slowly....... Up to the first click, back down...Up to the second click, back down...... did that all the way up.....
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