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    One piece "Astro" top / T-TOP REPLACEMENT

    ONE PIECE TOP / T-TOP REPLACEMENT anyone know about the one piece tops that replace the two individual t-tops on a 79 vette? the company i have seen on e-bay is called astro tops. they seem to have a great product. does any other company make them? are they a good deal. thanks.
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    OUT OF BUSINESS looks like this red-line guy is out of business. just called, disconnected. if you have any input on corvette central, let me know, i'm leaning towards them. i would hate to get burned, and i dont think they want a 300 lb man on their doorstep. hehehe
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    tried this before, try again. i want to put a B&M shifter in my 79. it has a T350 auto tranny. which can i use? will any fit in my car without cutting metal (my floor) and possibly fit in my console? pictures please ! thanks!! (really frustrated with the lack of info on this, please help)
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    is corvette central reliable to do my speedo conversion from 85mph to 165mph? anybody had it done by them? thanks
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    went to e-bay, couldn't find it. i need the chrome outer rear window trim that encloses the entire back window. if you can link me the e-bay page, great. thanks
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    anyone know which aftermarket shifter to use in my 79 vette? i've got the turbo 350, brand new, and i want to put a B&M shifter in but no one can tell me which one. there must be more than one, any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    i was wondering if anyone knew where to get the chrome rear window moulding/ trim for the rear window of a 79 vette? have searched all the regular places, no luck. thanks
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    u joints

    just dropped a brand new 500+ hp 383 stroker motor in my 79 vette. am a little concerned about the u-joints and the drive shaft. i was planning to replace them, is the stock set-up gonna handle it? i also just put a new high performance drag turbo 350 tranny in. can i put a B&M shifter in my...
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    1979 corvette door jam

    found em found em bro, thanks
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    1979 corvette door jam

    thanks again thanks again, got the site. still cant find the part. it it at the bottom corner when you open the door, triangular in shape, wrapping itself around the the door frame. don't know what it's called, a guy on e-bay says rain water diverter
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    1979 corvette door jam

    thanks thanks bro, but i couldn't find zips. got an website address on them? thanks again
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    1979 corvette door jam

    i have a 1979 vette, and in my door jam i have what seems to be a rare part. it is supposedly called a rain water diverter. they are 2 or 3 inches across and are molded to the bottom of the door jam. anyone know where i can get these or exactly what they are called? thanks, greg
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