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  1. 71-84 IMSA Widebody


  2. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Favorite Spark plugs...

    CHAMPIONS....racing-C57HCX..........street-NASCAR PLUGS-RC9YC or RC12YC :w
  3. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Fouling out plugs

    PLUGS, "could" be the whole problem, many times speed shops/racepeople recommend plugs way too cold for regular use, a too cold plug will foul out with one to a couple uses if you idle the car for even 1 minute. You also have to be careful on plug "heat ranges" between different maufacturers...
  4. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Fouling out plugs

    Repeat from John Z, what plugs are you running? Have you switched to diff plugs lately?
  5. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z07

    Apparently from the numbers being discussed I currently own a caveman version of the Blue Devil, 654rwhp, 2565#, 600fptq, mid engine, just without the 21st century refinement and technology. I can't imagine how nice it would be to have all this in such a friendly package. I guess that is why the...
  6. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Radio...or what do you do for sound?

    I just sing along to the beat of 4" open side pipes, it only knows one song, "GO FASTER"
  7. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Post pictures of your C3

    The first widebody came form John Greenwood in 1974, they were built from bare frame as pupose built racers. Gm was "out of racing" at the time and what support came from Zora Duntov or GM engineers was not sanctioned or approved by GM. My car was one of the first widebodies racing in that...
  8. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Post pictures of your C3

    God bless, you are a very lucky guy. FYI you would have the ONLY BB LS7 that I (or anyone else )know of. None were sold, it was "rumored" that a couple disappeared at the hands of GM engineers. If the numbers match up and it is Aluminum block you can pretty much name your price on the...
  9. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Post pictures of your C3

    Dear torger, you may wish to edit your post before you get crucified, the ALUMINUM bigblock LS7 engine was NEVER put in a car or released. If you have an ALUMINUM bigblock it is a super light and valuable engine, but it's not an LS7. Unless you bought a new small block crate engine. As you are...
  10. 71-84 IMSA Widebody


  11. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Problems with New York State inspection!

    1) New location. 2) Big fan, appropriatly positioned. 3) A few big bags of ice in front of the fan are dirt cheap. 4) Cool morning run. GOOD LUCK:w
  12. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Put It Away for the Winter??

    Fair weather machine, girlfriend TOTALED my last Vette in a dusting of snow. The NCM is kind enough to store this one till May.
  13. 71-84 IMSA Widebody


    "SPEED FREAK" me? OK you got me on that one. Top speed 218mph.:lou
  14. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Z06 Color opinions please

    All Corvettes are RED, some just look different because of the "light":w
  15. 71-84 IMSA Widebody


    DRILL IT an install Dzus fasteners:w or of course "Duck tape"
  16. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    very slow tire leak

    I'm sure you checked it but......9 times out of 10 its the valves....:w
  17. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Damn Curbs!!!!

    With 3 1/4" road clearance I'm in constant fear of every bump and only drive roads I know well close to home, and boy do I hate speed bumps..............:ugh
  18. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    Anything Going on in BG 7/29-8/1/06?

    Black n Blue, say hello to my baby for me when your there:w <<<<David
  19. 71-84 IMSA Widebody

    New Member.........OHIO

    Thanks Eric, love chrome bumpers:)
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