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  1. yellow_2002_germany

    Video: Warranty won't cover this!

    Through the water on street tires?? There is a drag strip close to me here in Indiana and I will not race there for that precise reason, no room to drive around the water box. Water + street tires = bad news.
  2. yellow_2002_germany

    Question: 77 350 doesn't haveany spark

    My brother-in-law figured out what was causing the no-spark condition with this car. The ignition switch located on the steering column engine-side of the key cylinder. However, said part is a PITA to replace due to lack of space and having to start screws blindly among other things.
  3. yellow_2002_germany

    Question: 77 350 doesn't haveany spark

    This car sat in a garage for several years before being driven last fall. The car has a Motion 350 with a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine was running without any problem until the spring of 2012. There is plenty of fuel pumping into the Holley carb and there is 12V to the...
  4. yellow_2002_germany

    Vettes 2nd and 4th at Sebring

    Thanks for the clarification!
  5. yellow_2002_germany

    Vettes 2nd and 4th at Sebring

    I am confused... The ALMS standings on the Corvette Racing website show 2 and 4 as the fininshing positions for the Corvettes at Sebring. However, the picture that is on the site and the text of the article show and say 2 and 3. What is the right placing? I still don't like the streaming...
  6. yellow_2002_germany

    Windshield Washer/ Wiper Blades

    Perhaps there is a buildup of gunk on the fluid nozzles that needs to be cleaned or maybe the fluid hose is being pinched somewhere.
  7. yellow_2002_germany

    Question: Upgrade radio & cd player

    The dealer can probably do that for you but a portable unit like a TomTom or Garmin is much cheaper. The portable unit can also be reprogrammed while the car is moving, by the passenger of course. Last I knew, the factory navigation unit cannot be reprogrammed unless your car is stationary no...
  8. yellow_2002_germany

    Road Trip and MPG

    I wonder how cars made to handle E10 will do on E15 when it is mandated? I can imagine corrosion in the fuel lines and deteriorating seals that will have to be retro fitted at owner expense just to meet a government fuel mandate.
  9. yellow_2002_germany

    First 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible Sells at Barrett Jackson

    Definitely a big chunk of change for a charity! I wish the Speed would put the charity cars in a separate list for high sales. Just makes sense to me to keep the regular sales together and separate from charity sales. Jay Leno's small tractor did sell for about $150000 or so for charity.
  10. yellow_2002_germany

    Question: Cold air intake suggestions

    DDLS3 is right...without tuning and other modifications (i.e. headers, exhaust, etc) a new intake should only be considered for looks. I have a Blackwing on my 2006. I didn't really notice a difference at all other than it looks a lot nicer than the stock intake. We aren't telling you not to...
  11. yellow_2002_germany

    Corvette Corrals at Rolex Racing Events

    Does anyone know if a Corvette Corral is available at Rolex Grand Am Racing events? I know they are available at ALMS events, but Corvettes are new in Grand Am Racing. I have been looking both at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and on the Grand Am Racing websites to no avail. Yes, The IMS...
  12. yellow_2002_germany

    Video: C6 Corvette Wipes out the Cones and the Curb

    When I directed autocross in Italy we were lucky...got to use a biiiig aircraft parking apron. No light posts or curbs! It looked like the guy only had to go straight to trip the timer. Man that looks like it could be a total to me. Slamming against the curb that hard had to bend the frame...
  13. yellow_2002_germany

    GM Press Release: Chevrolet Unveils 2012 Corvette Daytona Prototype

    Now when I go to Indy for the inagural Grand Am race there I will have something to root for!! WOO HOO!! The Grand Am race will be the Friday before the Brickyard 400 in September of 2012.
  14. yellow_2002_germany

    Warning! Mid - America car cover disaster

    Roger, Remember, I said that my covers started cracking before I had the cover. A more plausible explanation is a heat related issue. The DRLs generate a lot of heat that is always there when you are driving. I would bet money that not all of the cars with this problem have been covered with...
  15. yellow_2002_germany

    Warning! Mid - America car cover disaster

    No worries about the pic! Fixing my headlights is on my list for next spring. I'll probably finish school first then work on them.
  16. yellow_2002_germany

    Warning! Mid - America car cover disaster

    Well, I'll tell you what...you buy me two new VY headlight assemblies and the headlights are yours! :L That is my car in Junkie's pic. The cracks are definitely on the INSIDE of the lens. You can purchase new lenses but from what I have read you have to bake the assembly to soften the glue...
  17. yellow_2002_germany

    1978 Barn Find

    Well, they can't farm the fields with them!!
  18. yellow_2002_germany

    1978 Barn Find

    Thanks for the correction. I guess I should have looked at my black book first. These pace cars are the first I have seen with the cloth seats.
  19. yellow_2002_germany

    1978 Barn Find

    If I saw the seats correctly they are the suede insert seats. I don't think I have seen those on another Pace Car. I know they were available but I have never seen them before.
  20. yellow_2002_germany

    Headlight Cover Damage

    I have found out where I can purchase lenses for replacement. I will not mention where from since I do not believe they are a sponsor here. I might give that a try in the spring. Anyone know how easy it is to remove the headlight assembly from the car? I have not made any modifications to...
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