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    Question: Engine Oil

    Right after pulling intake, aprox 120K with Mobile1 15000 mile extended service. Cylinder walls show almost no wear.
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    Help! WANTED Center Console Latch Striker

    Try here, call him and ask he does not list all items. http://stores.ebay.com/Mirrock-Corvette
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    Help! No start

    Follow a sequence. 1st check your fuel pressure, then shut down engine and watch for leak down. You should have 40* psi. If not check filter, and/or regulator. If it leaks down quickly check injectors. If you just throw parts at it you will spend a lot of time and money needsly.
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    Question: Oil Catch Can

    Change oil on proper intervals, use good oil and gas. 120K just as intake was pulled. Shell premium, Mobile 1 15000 mile oil.
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    appears to be out of gas will turn over but will not start

    Do a fuel pressure test and check for spark. Should be one or the other.
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    1988 Corvette

    maybe a universal
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    Help! 91 starts to miss when at operating temp

    I agree Also run as much of the old gas out as you can then fill up with a top tier gas at least twice and let the engine clean itself.
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    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    Doing engine also but for some reason pic will not post. Not sure why
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    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    my 89 Still have it from 2007
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    Fresh Pics from the Heartland

    Sorry did my bad on 1st post My stone age Vette
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    Fresh Pics from the Heartland

    Here is a picture of my Stone age Vette http://i552.photobucket.com/albums/jj356/ken1989orig/IMG_0005-1.jpg
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    88 Convertible Value?

    NADA will go back that far. When you are on the home page click classics on the tool bar. Sorry for your loss.
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    You was a big help. You got the ball rolling, :) thanks again
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    I do have the other parts of the security suit running. Both antivirus, malware and spyware. Thank you for your help also the same to Jane and all the others who helped,
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    Evolution1980 Shut off ca firewall and activated windows firewall. Everything works OK now. Will this cause any security issues?
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    Got it firewall blocking it. CAC is in trusted sites. Now how to correct. that is the question By the way like the vette and bike. This edit worked too
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    Sorry Ver 8.0.6001.18702 It will not keep me signed on like it did before. Could cookies cause this?
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    All three were checked.
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    I can't find a post with a rollover pic.
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    Question: Viewing Picture

    Sorry edit doesn't work
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